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Event Co-sponsorship

Schneider Lecture

2017 Stephen H. Schneider Memorial Lecture with John Holdren: Science, Technology, and Environment in the White House

In an effort to support public service and civic engagement across campus, the Haas Center for Public Service invites co-sponsorship requests from Stanford campus partners and community partners.

Co-sponsorship is primarily provided in the form of promotional (marketing) support. Funding requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, and are reviewed based on need, relevance, impact, and audience. Community partners are eligible for co-sponsorship in the form of promotional support only.

Co-sponsorship parameters

Sponsorships are limited to one-time events. To be considered for funding, events must:

Applicants must agree to comply with Haas Center and Cardinal Service branding guidelines and practice. The Haas Center does not sponsor partisan political events.

Funding support

Requests for financial support should be made at least two months in advance of the event. Applicants must submit a budget that includes revenues and expenses.

In general, financial support for event sponsorship ranges from $250–$500.

Appropriate requests for funding include contribution to food, honoraria, registration fees, and marketing materials. The Haas Center does not sponsor individual conference attendance or field trips.

Promotional support

Requests for promotional support should be made at least two weeks in advance of the event.

The Haas Center will help promote events through its website, social media, and relevant newsletters.

The Haas Center logo or name must appear on all publicly posted materials – flyers, banners, ads, etc. The center will provide logo files and instructions.


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If you have questions about Haas Center co-sponsorship, please contact Executive Director Tom Schnaubelt.