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Faculty Steering Committee

Faculty Steering Committee meeting

Like the National Advisory Board (NAB), the Faculty Steering Committee (FSC) serves in an advisory capacity to the directors and staff of the Haas Center for Public Service. FSC meets quarterly for program-based informational briefings and to advise the directors and staff regarding the strength and focus of academic-service connections.

The FSC first formed in the mid-1980s to discuss a wide range of community and public service-related issues. As a group and as individuals, committee members encouraged other faculty to become involved with the center and to offer opportunities for their students to combine experiential service activities with courses and research. The FSC agenda includes evaluation of programs, linking public service to academics, the advisability of new programs, and methods of outreach to other faculty.

2017-2018 Faculty Steering Committee

  • Bernadine Fong (VPGE)
  • Bill Barnett (Business)
  • Bruce Cain (Political Science)
  • Cathy Heaney (Psychology/Medicine) 
  • Coit "Chip" Blacker (International Studies/Political Science/FSI)
  • Deborah Stipek (Education/Haas)
  • Doug McAdam (Sociology)
  • Ewen Wang (Medicine)
  • Greg Rosston (Public Policy)
  • Guadalupe Valdés (Education)
  • Petra Dierkes-Thrun (Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning)
  • James Landay (Computer Science)
  • Janice Ross (TAPS) 
  • JD Schramm (Business)
  • Jennifer Eberhardt (Psychology)
  • Jenny Suckale (Geophysics)
  • Jeremy Weinstein (Political Science)
  • Jim Campbell (History)
  • Jonathan Rosa (Education)
  • Katherine Jolluck (History)
  • Katherine A. Preston (Human Biology)
  • Lanhee J. Chen (Hoover Institution)
  • Larry Diamond, Co-chair (Sociology and Political Science/Hoover Institution/FSI)
  • Lisa Chamberlain (Pediatrics)
  • Liz Hadly (Biology)
  • Mark Duggan (SIEPR/Economics)
  • Michael Kahan (Sociology)
  • Michele Barry (Medicine/GSB/Woods Institute/FSI)
  • Nicole Ardoin (Education)
  • Patrick Archie (Earth Systems)
  • Ramon Saldivar (English and Comparitive Literature)
  • Robyn Dunbar (Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences)
  • Rosemary Knight (Geophysics)
  • Shari Palmer (Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education)
  • Tom Ehrlich (Education)