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Partners in Health: Working on Women's Health Issues in Nicaragua

Jan 1 2013
by Lucia Constantine There are no street signs in Jinotepe, Nicaragua. For three weeks, we learn to orient ourselves in relation to local landmarks: the church where we wait for the bus every morning, the clinic on the outskirts of town where we prepare materials and interview patients, and the ice...

What's in Your Backyard? Public Archaeology

Jan 1 2013
Indiana Jones put archaeology on the public’s radar. But it also gave people the impression that archaeology is only about mystical objects found in hidden temples or treasures from thousands of years ago buried in exotic places, when, in fact, archaeology can be right here, right now.

Haas = HAAS? No, it’s not an acronym

Ten years ago this quarter, I wrote a brief article with this title in the Commons newsletter. When I learned of the recent passing of Evelyn D. Haas, I was moved to dust off this piece to share with our friends, as it seems to have stood the test of time. Evelyn was the widow of Walter A. Haas, Jr...
In December the Haas Center received a gift from Chris Cox, ’04, MS ’07 and Visra Vichit-Vadakan, ’04, MA ’05, to launch our newly designed high school program and fund the program for five years. The high school program, called High School @ Haas, will extend the Education Partnerships programming...