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In the News - January '21

Haas Center mentions and service-related snippets from January, 2021.

Stanford ranks first in country in registering students on TurboVote 

The Stanford Daily

Alex and Chase - StanfordVotes

Stanford has emerged as a national leader in registering students on the national voter registration platform TurboVote in the wake of a tumultuous election cycle.

Stanford registered more students on the platform than any other college or university in 2020, according to TurboVote data. Not all students who register on the site register to vote, though. The civic engagement platform helps registrants view information about the election, request an absentee ballot and register to vote.

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Student orgs look to older students, innovative programming to create community 

The Stanford Daily

Student Orgs article screenshot Stanford Daily

At a time when most Stanford undergraduates can only connect online, several student-run organizations are taking the lead in creating communities of engaged students.

One such club, the Stanford Debate Society (SDS), is working hard to ensure its novice members have a fulfilling first year. SDS president Gaeun Kim ’22 said the club has made a large, intentional effort to form connections between its debaters over the last few quarters. 

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Classy Classes: PEDS 220 discusses COVID-19 science, impacts and vaccines 

The Stanford Daily

PEDS220 Screenshot from Stanford Daily article

In PEDS 220: “COVID-19 Elective,” graduate and undergraduate students come together to take a look at the science behind COVID-19 as well as the social, economic and psychological impacts of the pandemic. Additionally, students are provided the opportunity to develop a mentored, quarter-long project on the subject.

The course was initially developed last spring by Stanford School of Medicine clinical assistant professor Rishi Mediratta when he sensed “a clear hunger from undergraduate and graduate students to learn more about the pandemic they are currently experiencing.” 

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Undergrads use long winter break to focus on service 

The Stanford Daily

The Stanford Haas Center for Public Service (MELISSA WEYANT/The Stanford Daily)

With this year’s extended winter break, many Stanford students turned their attention toward non-academic initiatives, including service. Among their focuses: programs to combat food insecurity, increase student voter turnout and provide companionship to stroke survivors.

One of many undergrad students leading their own initiative during the break was Charlie Hoffs ’22. Back in April, Hoffs and Isabelle Foster B.A. ’18 M.S. ’19 launched unBox, which uses data analysis, policy advocacy and community service to battle increasing food insecurity across the United States. 

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Q&A: Stanford’s engagement with the community 

Stanford Today

Megan Swezey Fogarty and Preeti Hehmeyer - from Stanford Today article

When Megan Swezey Fogarty was appointed Stanford’s first associate vice president for community engagement on March 1, she could not have foreseen how local, national and global events would shape the work of her new office.

However, despite those early challenges, and in many ways motivated by them, Fogarty and her team have quickly established the new Office of Community Engagement (OCE) as part of the Office of External Relations to further connect Stanford with the communities it touches.

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