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In the News - March '21

Haas Center mentions and service-related snippets from March, 2021.

Stanford students work to bridge the digital divide

Aditi Limaya of student org Bridging Tech

Stanford Daily

Inspired by the community needs they observed due to COVID, two students founded the nonprofit Bridging Tech to provide technological aid to low-income communities and people without housing. Bridging Tech’s 30-member core team has provided over 500 laptops to low-income students and students without housing in shelters across the country since April of 2020. The group’s operations team reaches out to new shelters, ascertains their needs and coordinates with school districts.

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Students explore COVID-19’s societal, scientific effects through themed courses 

The Stanford Daily 

Graphic from Stanford Daily article about THINK 61 - Cardinal Course

Last winter, students enrolled in THINK 61: Living with Viruses tracked the rise of COVID-19 up until the end of in-person classes. They studied the virus as it made its way from China to the United States, and instructor Julie Baker said that her students told her they felt like they “had fallen into the lecture slides.” 

THINK 61 is one of a handful of courses that have centered COVID-19 as a classroom topic. Over the past year, instructors from a variety of disciplines, including genetics and pediatrics, created courses to allow students to learn more about the current pandemic. Each class attempts to educate students about the pandemic from a different perspective, whether it be biology or economics. 


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Training a Generation of Active Citizens 

Stanford Magazine
By Marc Tessier-Lavigne 

Over the past 12 months at Stanford, we’ve adapted our operations to respond to the pandemic, accelerated our work to advance racial justice, and advanced our plans for a school focused on climate change and sustainability. As we reflect on the challenges of the past year and prepare to return our community to campus when it’s safe to do so, we’ve also been thinking about the future of undergraduate education at Stanford. Two areas we’re prioritizing are community and civic responsibility. 

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For East Palo Alto Academy principal, education is the equalizer 

Climate Online Redwood City 

From an early age, Amika Guillaume saw the world through a different lens. “We had bars on our windows when I was growing up,” she remembers. “I thought they were beautiful. I thought they made the house look fancy. My grandmother was proud of those bars. It meant you had valuable stuff. It wasn’t till years later, when I was in college, that I realized those bars meant you lived in a poor neighborhood.” 

Today Guillaume is principal of East Palo Alto Academy, a public charter high school within the Sequoia Union High School District. There are still bars on many of the surrounding houses. But where others see the struggles, what Guillaume sees in this community are courage, resilience, and “the beauty of what is possible.” 

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