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Spring into Service 2021

April is National Volunteer Month! Find a way to give time to an organization in your community.
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The Haas Center's Spring into Service event is on now. Our community partners have projects for Stanford students—check out their listings below to find out more and sign up.

All opportunities are 100% remote.

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Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project is looking for volunteers to help with research to feed our map of eviction moratoriums in the wake of COVID. We need help figuring out policy date extensions and expirations in particular. We also could use help with a number of other AEMP projects that involve frontend development and data pipeline skills, for instance tools to make eviction and landlord data more accessible to tenants. We could also use help with Spanish translation for our website. We can take up to 10 volunteers.

Contact Erin McElroy

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Columbia Middle School

Columbia Middle School bulldog

I teach a group of students at Columbia Middle School who struggle in school and need inspiration. Our intervention/engagement program is called STRIVE. Please email a 1-2 minute video of your inspiring message. How did you move past academic and personal struggles? What did it take to learn English as a second language? How did you rally after a bad test/class? How does someone stay focused on school when a family member is sick? Any number of videos are welcomed. Stories should be told in under two minutes but multiple videos may be submitted. Please give your first name in the video. No communication will happen between parties after a thank you and confirmation that the video may be shared.

Contact Albert Gonzales

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River Management Society

River Management Society logo

Comparing U.S. States' Support for Access to Rivers and Their Enjoyment
Following an increase in the popularity of river recreation activities, visitors to facilities frequently encounter crowded parking lots and long waiting lines at launch ramps. Some jurisdictions have addressed the need to expand or add access to sites by establishing a new user fee or redirecting funds from other activities, such as hunting. The River Management Society would like to update the research conducted in 2015-16 by river managers for the State of Oregon on how each state paid for their launch facility needs. Research will be conducted through surveys to 2-3 national organizations, with the goal to update the database of state river access funding programs.

Contact Risa Shimoda

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My Grief Angels Inc

"Good from Grief" Mobile App
My Grief Angels is a nonprofit, online, grief support community for and by people who are grieving. We are working on a mobile app to support the grieving families and friends of the millions of people who passed from COVID, who are turning their grief into action. Our virtual volunteers on this project will be:

  • Researching articles and videos for examples of people who have turned their loss and pain into something positive for others.
  • Developing the app. If you have some experience with "no code" app development, and specifically the platform, we need a volunteer that can either replicate an existing similar app, or create a new simple app with basic text block, video links block, and chat/comment spaces.

Contact Augusto Failde

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Art Ripples

Art Ripples logo

Art Ripples hopes to make education in the arts readily accessible to everyone. Alongside providing month-long workshops, we host art programs with women's shelters, neighborhood community centers, and youth mental health initiatives. We are hoping to reach volunteers who are interested in teaching art workshops (art practice, art history, music, etc.), as well as volunteers who would like to join our outreach or marketing and design team. The time commitment will be determined by the volunteer and their goals for involvement.

Contact Helena Zhang or Kevin Jung

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The Better Lab

The Better Lab would like 1-2 volunteers to assist with redesigning our website, including creating visuals for the website and for our general use.

Contact Devika Patel

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IPE Cloth

IPE Cloth would like a graphic designer to help us with a review and refresh of our website.

Contact Vanessa Ochoa

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Meg Foundation

Twenty five percent of the adults (and at least 50% of adolescents and 63% of children) have enough needle anxiety to influence their health care decisions, including getting the COVID-19 vaccine. To reach herd immunity, we need to empower these people with the tools and strategies to get it, despite the fear. We are launching a major social and media and marketing campaign called HackTheVax, including a website to go live at the end of March called The Meg Foundation needs students to help us with creating social media content, writing content, video creation and editing, and pitching the free resources to local, state, and national organizations that that can put them to good use.

Contact Jody Thomas

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ATLAS, Sequoia High School

Sequoia High School

Sequoia High School needs a talented person or small team to create a fresh website for the volunteer/intern/community-engagement department of our public high school. This website will help us better connect with our local families, companies, community volunteers, and college students to engage them in one-time and long-term unpaid opportunities at our high school. The focus of the site will be on volunteer/education intern recruitment and background info on the school (evergreen), but we'd love for it to be nimble enough to include pages with timely information about changing volunteer needs and requirements (e.g. COVID) and also student and family needs that could be resolved through an in-kind donation system. We'd need you to train us on how to update the website when you leave (and therefore need to use a website platform that is easy to update quickly and easily). We can supply you with the text and photos. You would provide the good eye for clean design and functionality, and also be a good marketing copyeditor to help shorten text so that it really sings. We're excited about this project and eager to work on it... but will need you to also be a friendly leader/manager who guides us with the project timeline so that things get DONE!

Contact Elisa Nino-Sears

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Common Denominator

Common Denominator logo

Common Denominator provides individualized 1:1 math tutoring and mentorship to in-need middle school students. We developed a fundamentals-based curriculum that is tailored to address each student's particular areas of weakness. We are seeking to create a community of math curriculum developers that could help us to improve the effectiveness of our program. We are looking for a student(s) that would spearhead outreach to professors at Stanford and collect input on program advancement. Ideal candidates would have a passion for math and/or education.

Interested students should reach out to both Trey and Angela.

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unBox is a youth-led organization leveraging data analysis, policy advocacy, and community engagement to create a more food secure US. One of our projects is, a resource map that helps low-income local residents find resources from their phone, in their preferred language. We are excited to work together, and can tailor opportunities as desired!

  • Data Warrior: 1-5 hours/week, no skills required: research Bay Area service providers (food pantries, medical clinics, benefits enrollment sites) and update their information in our database, which will then be displayed on our site.
  • Data Engineer: 1-5 hours/week, Python and/or R: extracting data from other resource websites and databases, transforming information between data structures.
  • Translator: 1-5 hours/week, native fluency in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Malay, Korean, Arabic, French, or Japanese to translate website text.
  • Designer/Developer: 1-5 hours/week, JavaScript: adding new features to our website, as inspired by user testing and human-centered design.

Contact Charlie Hoffs

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The Farmlink Project

FarmLink Project wordmark

Started by Stanford students, The Farmlink Project rescues billions of pounds of fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste in order to feed people in need, reduce carbon emissions, and heal the planet. We need around 10 volunteers to commit 5-10 hours weekly (but we totally understand if you get busy with school some weeks!).

  • Volunteer Recruitment: Assist with volunteer retention efforts through researching volunteer compensation opportunities. Compensation may be via school credits or through scholarships and university or local, state, or federal grants.
  • Nutrition Resources: Create and provide informational pamphlets/labels about food benefits programs such as SNAP and WIC, simple food preparation and storage techniques, recipes, and nutrition info collected from the Farms team research, with the ultimate goal of sharing these with the broader community.
  • Farmlink Pact: Ensure long-term sustainability by developing a recurring deal platform, where farmers commit to donating a certain amount of produce annually, which will be accepted by our partner food banks.

Contact Sarah Friedman

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DreamCatchers logo

Grant Opportunity Research
Want to bring your stellar online research skills to help us close the educational opportunity gap for lower-income families in the Palo Alto area? Come help DreamCatchers find opportunities to raise money for our nonprofit educational support programs. We are eager to have a Stanford student help us research institutional and organizational grant opportunities for which our team should be applying. This is a very useful skill for those considering a career in nonprofit organizations. Come serve with our small and dedicated team: hours and location flexible now until June 1; training provided.

Impact Video Development
Looking for a person to help develop a video sharing how being a part of DreamCatchers has helped our constituents: middle school students, their families, and tutors. Position will involve developing a script, working with interviewees to conduct interviews (can be via Zoom), and producing/editing a video for our website. DreamCatches staff will work with you to identify interview candidates. Fluency in Spanish is an added bonus, but not mandatory. Hours and location flexible, now until June 1.

Contact Rebecca Garewal

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Sworn to Refuse

Sworn to Refuse logo

Sworn to Refuse is a Denver-area nonpartisan organization whose mission is to educate, encourage, and support government employees in their right and responsibility to refuse unlawful orders from their employers. Our major focus in the past two years has been working toward the enactment of refuser protection law at the Colorado state and federal levels. Learn more about our major projects on the organization's Facebook page

We need assistance from eager, energetic students who are capable of helping us to envision the totality of our task, develop strategies for accomplishing our goals, create action plans for implementing those strategies, and join us in carrying out those action plans. Volunteers with skill and experience in research, writing, planning, public outreach, networking, computer software, social media, video and audio recording and editing, and/or public speaking will make a significant difference toward our success.

Contact Matt Nicodemus, '82

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Stanford in Government

Stanford in Government logo

Looking to serve your community? Interested in affordable housing, accessible health care, and policy advocacy? Join a Stanford in Government Remote Service Project today!

Stanford in Government is partnering with nonprofits who are doing critical work in our community.  With the ongoing pandemic, many of their services have been met with unprecedented demand as people face mass evictions and health crises. Join us in stepping up and serving these incredible organizations with the opportunity to dive deeper into witnessing policy in action.

We have projects for everyone! If you’ve got coding skills, help build a website. If you like researching, help dig through some archives. If you’re passionate about grassroots organizing, help manage a housing assistance call line. Our nonprofit partners are eager to meet you and appreciate your service!

Contact Jose Luis Gandara

Inidividual or group icon
Boyle Heights Amor logo

Boyle Heights Amor needs support to develop a website and forms for a community space that is used for popups and rental space.

Contact Boyle Heights Amor

Filled Opportunities

Survivors of Torture, International

Survivors of Torture International logo

Search Engine Optimization
Survivors of Torture, International is a small nonprofit serving asylum-seeking and refugee torture survivors. Our website is currently very low on the Google search pages and we could use support with our SEO, creating content/blogs to boost our website value, and using Google Analytics. The lack of SEO is impacting our client referrals and donations. We would welcome 1-2 volunteers with experience in websites, SEO, Google Analytics, or content writing. The project could be as short or as long-term as the student desired.

Contact Katrina Pimental