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Program Director, Secondary Education

Priscila Garcia

Priscila directs the East Palo Alto Stanford Academy (EPASA) and the High School Support Initiative, facilitating the partnerships between local middle school students, high school students, and their families and Stanford students, who serve as tutors and mentors. In her role, Priscila strives to consistently use an asset-based approach and an intersectional lens in order to effectively collaborate with and support both the local community and Stanford students.  

Priscila was born and raised in Southern California, and she attended Pomona College, where she majored in English and minored in Sociology. During a leave from Pomona College, she attended Chaffey College, where she received an AA degree.

Her professional experiences are informed by her experiences as a first generation college student and rooted in her desire to contribute to more equitable practices and policies in education… and the world. Her experiences in education are varied, and she has worked closely with students at every level of education. She is deeply committed to student leadership development, dialogue across difference, and education access.  

Priscila was formerly one of the Student Outreach and Engagement Coordinators at the Haas Center. In that role, she advised students as they began or continued their commitment to public service, and she also led outreach efforts to highlight public service at Stanford via the Cardinal Service initiative. Prior to coming to Stanford, she was the Post Baccalaureate Fellow for Educational Outreach at the Draper Center for Community Partnerships, where she coordinated programming and advising for the Pomona College Academy for Youth Success (PAYS), a college access program that collaborates with students of historically marginalized communities.  In her broader role, she supported Pomona College’s efforts to create mutually beneficial engagement opportunities for students in the community. She also served as an on-call dean for the division of Student Affairs, which allowed her to gain vast experience supporting students in every facet of their undergraduate experience. 

While Priscila was completing her undergraduate degree, she also worked at Chaffey College, where she tutored and mentored students. One of the most enjoyable aspects of her work was demystifying the transfer process and enabling students to concretize a plan for their academic success.

As part of her work in education, Priscila enjoys leading workshops on intersectionality, gender, self-care, and mental health, and she is more than happy to share her knowledge and experience with the Stanford community.

Priscila's commitment to self-care means that she consistently takes time to do things that reenergize her, including reading, writing, practicing ASL, communicating with her youngest sibling (of eleven!) via FaceTime, going to the beach, and dancing in the rain.


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