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Meet the PCJ in the Bay Fellows

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In the summer of 2024, 14 students were selected to work with PCJ in the Bay partners across the Bay Area. These fellowships are co-sponsored by the Doerr School of Sustainability’s Integrative Initiatives on Environmental Justice.

Acterra | Climate Resilient CommunitiesCommunities for a Better EnvironmentNorth Fair Oaks Community AllianceNuestra CasaOneShorelineRise South CityThe Greenlining InstituteValley Verde

Ford Melilo, '25 (English)

Ford Melilo

Ford Melillo (he/they) is a rising senior majoring in English and planning to pursue a Master’s in environmental communication. He has engaged in environmental studies in his undergrad career, as well as technical writing, journalism, marketing communication, and community outreach. His goal is to be the bridge between scientific knowledge and the people that it impacts, helping empower communities affected by climate change to take action over their circumstances. At Acterra, Ford will serve as a Beneficial Electrification Fellow, working with communities to promote electrification knowledge by conducting outreach and developing an implementable communication plan.

Alister Sharp, '26 (Civil Engineering)

Alister Sharp

Alister Sharp is a rising junior majoring in civil engineering with a concentration in energy and climate. She is passionate about climate equity and is excited to work with Climate Resilient Communities, working with the Adaptation team to implement rain gardens that mitigate floods and combat extreme heat in East Palo Alto, Belle Haven, and North Fair Oaks. Outside of the sustainability sphere, she enjoys anything art related, particularly theater and dance.

Annabelle Choi, '26 (Human Behavioral Design, Urban Studies)

Annabelle Choi

Annabelle Choi is a rising junior majoring in human behavioral design and minoring in sustainable urban studies. She is passionate about environmental justice and is especially interested in the ways that sustainability needs are related to the history and shape of urban spaces. Annabelle is working with Climate Resilient Communities this summer to help expand their work in the Santa Clara County Climate Collaborative. In this role, she will create educational materials about new climate legislation and work with community stakeholders to drive community-led solutions to climate threats.

Angel De Dios, '26 (Urban Studies, Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity)

Angel De Dios

Angel Manuel De Dios Lopez (they/them) is a rising junior studying urban studies and comparative studies in race and ethnicity. Coming from a community directly impacted by environmental degradation, they see environmental justice as emphasizing the importance of creating environments that respect both human and ecological well-being. Angel will be working with Communities for a Better Environment on educating communities about potential drawbacks of specific environmental solutions; Just Transitions Education, a model advocating for community, economic, and social transition for community autonomy; and air monitoring programs in school districts to address community concerns about air quality.

Panita Ruangkanit, '25 (Environmental Systems Engineering)

Panita Ruangkanit

Panita Ruangkanit is a rising senior studying environmental systems engineering with a focus in energy. She is passionate about environmental justice and how it addresses social justice and environmental protection for everyone. With the North Fair Oaks Community Alliance (NFOCA), she will conduct research into water well development, support a DIY air filter workshop, develop a communications campaign against illegal dumping in the neighborhood, and help distribute emergency kits. She is excited to uplift NFOCA’s work and get more people to know about the amazing things the organization is doing in the unincorporated area of North Fair Oaks.

Yulitzi Vizcarra, MS '25 (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Yulitzi Vizcarra

Yulitzi Vizcarra is pursuing a MS in civil and environmental engineering. As an immigrant growing up in a marginalized community, she witnessed firsthand the disparities in access to clean water and the disproportionate impacts of environmental degradation on vulnerable populations, which sparked a passion to address issues of water quality, affordability, and equity. This summer with Nuestra Casa, Yulitzi will work directly with local residents to address environmental concerns such as groundwater rise and tap water quality. By collaborating with community members and leveraging her engineering expertise, she aims to help empower frontline communities to advocate for their rights and participate in decision-making processes related to consolidation and infrastructure upgrades.

Valeria Vega Yanez, '24 (Earth Systems)

Valeria Vega Yanez

Valeria Vega Yañez is a recent earth systems graduate in the biosphere track. This summer she will be working with Nuestra Casa for the second year in a row under the PCJ in the Bay program. After completing her internship with Nuestra Casa last summer, she continued to work with them through various school projects that ultimately culminated in her capstone project. Her fellowship will focus on creating outreach materials for the community of East Palo Alto regarding toxic sites in the area, groundwater rise, and saltwater intrusion. Valeria feels a deep connection to East Palo Alto as it reminds her of home. As a Stanford graduate aware of the privileges that affords, she feels responsible for helping the community in their fight for environmental justice.

Emily Mongold, PhD '25 (Structural Engineering)

Emily Mongold

Emily Mongold (she/her) is a fourth-year PhD candidate in structural engineering. She is working with OneShoreline to assess liquefaction risk to flood protection infrastructure. Emily is interested in how climate and disaster impacts can be reduced and informed by community voice. Emily is involved with the Stanford Urban Resilience Institute, which brings researchers together to understand the many dimensions of urban resilience.

Mavis Stone, PhD '28 (Earth Systems)

Mavis Stone

Mavis Stone (they/them) is a rising second-year PhD student in earth systems. Their activist research addresses the emerging complexities of flood disasters and gentrification, toxic waste exposure, and land use development. Through these investigations, Mavis aims to develop flood mitigation strategies on the local scale. This summer, Mavis will be collaborating with OneShoreline in San Mateo County on developing an online, community-based flood map and co-designing policies against green gentrification. Through this experience they hope to learn what an intersectional feminist approach could look like for disaster preparedness.

Linda Vera, '25 (International Relations, Human Rights)

Linda Vera

Linda Vera is a rising senior majoring in international relations with a minor in human rights. She is passionate about addressing environmental injustices in marginalized communities through environmental education and outreach programs. This past academic year, Linda worked with the Office of Sustainability as a Living Lab Fellow to develop a Zero-Waste Strategy for Stanford’s campus-based elementary schools. This summer, she will be working with Rise South City, assisting with their air quality project, community outreach, and policy advocacy in South San Francisco. In the future, Linda hopes to use this experience to work on environmental policy on a national level.

Sam Xiao, MS '25 (Atmosphere/Energy)

Sam Xiao

Sam Xiao is a first-year Master's student specializing in energy efficiency and atmospheric issues. This summer, Sam will work with Rise South City in South San Francisco on an air pollution monitoring project and support strategies that mitigate climate impacts on vulnerable communities. Previously, he has interned in sewage treatment and air pollution control at China Energy Investment Corporation, gaining practical environmental management skills. Sam is dedicated to environmental justice and sustainability, actively participating in related initiatives and volunteer activities.

Zoey Hill, '25 (Environmental Systems Engineering)

Zoey Hill

Zoey Hill is a rising senior majoring in environmental systems engineering with a focus on energy systems. She is interested in environmental justice, specifically energy justice, because she recognizes the broader shift to clean energy as an opportunity to establish a more equitable energy system, especially for lower-income communities of color. She will be working with The Greenlining Institute to research and produce a policy memo about ethical battery supply chains, manufacturing, and recycling.

Georgia Sasso, '25 (Political Science, Urban Studies)

Georgia Sasso

Georgia Sasso (she/her) is a rising senior majoring in political science with a minor in urban studies. She is passionate about affordable housing, sustainable design, environmental justice, and gender equity. She is excited to work with Valley Verde this summer and learn more about advancing food sovereignty and sustainability in an urban context. Outside of the academic environment, she loves painting, drawing, hiking, music, and spending time in nature.

Julia Hok, MS '25 (Earth Systems)

Julia Hok

Julia Hok is an MS co-term student in earth systems with a focus on environmental justice. She believes that EJ is one of the most important issues of today as it represents the intersection of injustices happening to both marginalized communities and the earth. This summer, she will work with Valley Verde, a nonprofit that promotes healthy eating and provides food access and micro-entrepreneurship training to low-income families of San José and Gilroy. Her role will focus on defining, recruiting, and coordinating roles for their volunteer programs. After the fellowship, she hopes to continue working on a career that fights for collective liberation.