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Haas Center Undergraduate Fellowships

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The following are Haas Center-sponsored or co-sponsored Cardinal Quarter opportunities.

Mayahuel Ramirez Advancing Gender Equity Fellowship
Co-Sponsored by Women's Community Center

Advancing Gender Equity Fellowship

Learn about gender, diversity, and social justice through a practicum with a nonprofit organization or government agency addressing social, political, or economic issues affecting women.

James Bicamumpaka African Service Fellow
Co-Sponsored by the Center for African Studies

African Service Fellowship

Learn about and help alleviate social and economic problems in Africa.

Geoffrey Angus at his Cardinal Quarter Fellowship

Alex Tung Memorial Fellowships

Explore the use of science and technology for the benefit of society. Project-based fellowship.


Andrea Naomi Leiderman Fellowships

Contribute to ongoing research projects led by Stanford faculty as part of the research-practice partnership between the Graduate School of Education and the San Francisco Unified School District.

Black Diaspora Fellowship
Co-Sponsored by the Black Community Services Center

Black Diaspora Fellowship

Participate in a practicum working with a nonprofit organization or government agency on social, political, and/or economic issues affecting Black American communities.

El Centro Chicano Y Latino logo
Co-Sponsored by El Centro Chicano Y Latino

Chicanx/Latinx Communities Fellowships

Engage with Chicanx/Latinx communities to address issues of race, social justice, equity, inclusion, and artistic expressive history in movements for social change centered on the Chicanx/Latinx experience.

Community-Based Research Fellowship

Community-Based Research Fellowship Program

Work with faculty to conduct research that addresses community-identified needs. 

Sarah an Zack interview a youth

Community Service Work-Study Program

Participate in a significant service experience while earning a portion of your financial aid award.

Earth Systems Fellowship
Co-Sponsored by the Earth Systems Program

Earth Systems Public Service Summer Fellowship

Apply what you have learned through interdisciplinary environmental studies with an internship at a nonprofit organization or government agency.

Education Achievement Fellows

Education Achievement Fellowships

Engage in a summer practicum experience at an education-focused nonprofit organization, foundation, or government agency as part of a cohort in Boulder, Colorado.

Sarah Sterling Education and Youth Development Fellowship

Education and Youth Development Fellowships

Work with community partner placements arranged by the Haas Center to support youth programs and/or address youth and education-related issues.

Empowering Asian/Asian American Communities Fellow
Co-Sponsored by the Asian American Activities Center

Empowering Asian/Asian American Communities Fellowship

Engage with Asian/Asian American communities to apply what you have learned in and out of the classroom about race, diversity, equity, social justice, and the Asian/Asian American experience.

Haas Center Cardinal Quarter Fellowship

Design and implement a full-time service experience within the United States during the summer quarter.

Indigenous Communities Fellowship
Co-sponsored by the Native American Cultural Center

Indigenous Communities Fellowship

Participate in an internship with a nonprofit, government, or tribal organization on social, political, and/or economic issues impacting American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Indigenous Pacific Islander communities.

Elena Crespo International Fellowship

International Public Service Fellowships

Pursue international public service opportunities with community organizations around the world.

Jane Stanford Fellowship

Jane Stanford Fellowship

Design and implement a service initiative during the academic year.

PCJ in the Bay Fellowship

Partnerships for Climate Justice (PCJ) in the Bay Area Fellowships

Work with a partner in the PCJ in the Bay initiative to help build climate resilience and an equitable transition to clean energy in the Bay Area, with an environmental justice lens.

Ian Anstee Philanthropy Fellowship

Philanthropy Fellowships (including Sand Hill Fellowships)

Learn about and participate in the grantmaking process at a San Francisco Bay Area foundation. Placements arranged by the Haas Center.

Public Interest Law Fellows

Public Interest Law Fellowships

Work to advance the public good and achieve social justice through the law.

Public Service Projects Fellow

Public Service Projects Fellowship

Design and implement a summer service project with measurable outcomes that helps communities take a creative approach to addressing their needs.

Co-Sponsored by the Office of Religious Life

Reflective Practice and Social Change Fellowship

Explore personal values, beliefs, and meaning in one’s life to better understand motivations to commit to service and social change.

Roland Longevity Fellow

Roland Longevity Fellowship

Conduct research on issues of aging or provide service to long-lived adults.

Schneider Fellow

Schneider Fellows

Work at leading U.S. NGOs in the sustainable energy field. Spend a quarter tackling the global challenges of harnessing energy resources to deliver energy services. Available to undergraduates and graduate students.

Stanford Nurse Alumnae Fellowship

Stanford Nurse Alumnae Fellowship

Students interested in exploring nursing as a career can choose a summer healthcare experience and organization that best fits their interests and needs, in a hospital, community-based clinic or other public health organization.

Stanford Pride Fellow

Stanford Pride Fellowships

Address LGBT+ issues with an organization actively engaged in this work.

Steinbeck Fellowship
Co-Sponsored by the English Department

Steinbeck Service Fellowships

In the spirit of John Steinbeck, complete a summer of service in California’s Salinas Valley or Central Valley and a creative writing project.

Catie Mong at TomKat Ranch

TomKat Ranch Regenerative Food Systems Internship

Live and work full-time for 10 weeks at TomKat Ranch in Pescadero, CA in support of their mission to grow regenerative food systems in California and beyond.