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Whatever your major, skills, and interests, there are exciting and meaningful opportunities to work in the public interest, either as your primary job or in a volunteer capacity. See below for resources to help you pursue social impact in your career!
White House interns

Learn About Opportunities

Learn about working in the public interest, either as your primary job or as a volunteer.

Social Impact Career Fair

Find Work in Public Service or Social Impact

Explore campus resources to help you with your job search, and prepare yourself to work in the public interest.

Post-grad fellows

Apply to Cardinal Careers Fellowships

Apply for a full-time, mentored fellowship in an organization with a mission to serve the public good.

Cardinal Service stonework

Cardinal Service Graduation Pledge

Pledge to choose public service as a career or integrate it into your work and life.

Advising in the BIRC

Cardinal Careers Advising

Meet with a Cardinal Careers advisor and get started on your career search or fellowship process.

Cardinal Service collateral

Stay Informed

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