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Cardinal Service Graduation Pledge

Cardinal Service stonework

To promote and support students in choosing public service – either in their jobs or as volunteer activities – after they leave campus, Stanford seniors will be asked to sign on to a pledge:

"As a graduate of Stanford University, I will work toward a more just and sustainable world in my career or volunteer activities. I pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work."

The second sentence is from The Graduation Pledge that started in 1987 as a project of the Bentley University Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility and has evolved into the Graduation Pledge Alliance.  Stanford has been a past participant and there are 80 colleges and universities listed as current participants.  Locally, these include UC Santa Cruz and Santa Clara University.

Class of 2019, are you ready to take the pledge?

Read more about how members of the Class of 2018 are embodying the pledge:

Featured Cardinal Service Graduation Pledge 2018 Signatories

Ryanne Bamieh

Head shot of Ryanne Bamieh in front of the pillars in the Main Quad

Hometown: Ventura, CA 

Major: History with a concentration in Religious History  Minor: Creative Writing

Primary service interest(s): The justice system and education

Service involvements at Stanford: Cardinal Quarter at Brooklyn Defender Services, volunteered at the San Mateo Juvenile Detention Center

Why sign the pledge?: I signed the pledge because I wholeheartedly agree with its message! Studying History at Stanford has made me aware of so many injustices in the world, and I hope that my career can play a small part in working to combat such injustice!

Post-graduation plansJoining the Peace Corps to teach English in Comoros! 



Julian Bava

Image of Julian Bava in front of a geyser

Hometown: Dorado, Puerto Rico

Major: Political Science  MinorHuman Rights

Primary service interest(s): International justice and accountability for mass atrocities 

Service involvements at Stanford: Co-president of Music + Mentorship and volunteer translator/interpreter for Stanford Law School's Immigrants' Rights Clinic and Immigration Pro Bono Project

Why sign the pledge?:  We are extraordinarily fortunate to have received the resources, access, and opportunities that come with a Stanford education. Meanwhile, millions suffer from malnutrition, disease, and deadly conflict. This discrepancy can never be justified, but Stanford students can begin to address it through a commitment to transform this university into an institution of social change. I sign this pledge in the hopes that it will contribute in some small way to fostering a campus climate that values service to others above material gain.

Post-graduation plans: After touring Spain and Italy with the Stanford Wind Symphony, I will spend the next year supporting human rights initiatives in the Middle East as an International Public Service Fellow


Michael Eseigbe

Head shot of Michael Eseigbe in front of a body of water

Hometown: Fullerton, CA 

Major: Human Biology (Premed) 

Primary service interest(s): Health and social entrepreneurship

Service involvements at Stanford: Haas Center Frosh Liaison Coordinator; Haas Center Summer Fellow at Waste No Food 

Why sign the pledge?: I signed the pledge because I believe that service should be an important part of my future career and I want to make sure that I make it priority in whatever work I do. I plan to continue reminding myself of my pledge by constantly reflecting on whether my work aligns with my core values and continually asking myself "Is my service ethical and effective? 

Post-graduation plansWorking in the AmeriCorps National Health Corps program in Washington, D.C. 


Kinsey Morrison

Head shot of Kinsey Morrison in the Main Quad

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Major: International Relations  Minor: Spanish

Primary service interest(s): Intersectional women's empowerment 

Service involvements at Stanford: Stanford Women in Politics, Habla Tutoring Program, Stanford Outdoor Education

Why sign the pledge?:  I signed the pledge to hold myself accountable to the values I've committed to during college: empathy and compassion, courage and tenacity, and being the change I want to see in the world. The Haas Center has always pushed me to do and be better, and I wanted that challenge to continue once I leave Stanford.

Post-graduation plans:I am a co-founder of Lead for America, a new, two-year fellowship program in local government for recent college graduates. Our pilot program will be in North Carolina, so I am moving to Chapel Hill in July! Juniors, apply for our inaugural fellowship class this fall! :) 

2017 Cardinal Service Graduation Pledge Signatories

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