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Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Teaching Fellowship

This is a not a Stanford fellowship. It is included in a database of paid fellowship, internship and service program opportunities offered by external organizations as a resource for all college and university students. A FISP listing does not mean that Haas Center staff have direct experience with or professionally endorse the program.

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ACE Teaching Fellows forms talented, faith-filled college graduates to renew and transform Catholic school classrooms. ACE teachers form a select cohort of the nation’s top emerging Catholic school teachers and leaders, and through ACE’s innovative instructional model, they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to serve some of the most under-resourced schools in the United States. 

The three pillars of ACE—teacher formation, community, and spiritual growth—inform, inspire, and mobilize ACE teachers throughout their time in the program and beyond.


We’re looking for energetic, passionate leaders who welcome the challenges of beginning teaching, who can maintain a sense of perspective throughout the two-year experience, and who are able to create community both where they live and in the schools in which they work. Effective ACEteachers demonstrate maturity, leadership skills, and the ability to work independently. Strong candidates for ACE will display an excellent work ethic, a solid academic record, and experience in service and extra-curricular activities.

ACE teachers may teach any subject in every level from 2nd grade through seniors in high school, though they will primarily teach core subject areas such as math, English, science, social studies, foreign language, or religion. Sometimes schools need teachers to teach a class or two outside these core areas, allowing ACE teachers the chance to work in art, drama, music, physical education, or computers. 

ACE welcomes candidates from all academic disciplines, including education. We encourage applications from individuals with strong backgrounds in mathematics, natural sciences, or foreign language (especially Spanish), and individuals of varying cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

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