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Blue Engine Fellowship Program

This is a not a Stanford fellowship. It is included in a database of paid fellowship, internship and service program opportunities offered by external organizations as a resource for all college and university students. A FISP listing does not mean that Haas Center staff have direct experience with or professionally endorse the program.

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As a Blue Engine Teaching Assistant (BETA), you will join a team of 3-4 BETAs in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for a cohort of students during one year of shared service. With a lead teacher, your team will support roughly 100 students enrolled in a single subject at a single school. Following the New York City Department of Education academic calendar, you will spend one year–1700+ hours–supporting students at an urban public high school.

Your year will be anchored by small group instruction in either Math or Literacy classrooms. Every day, you will instruct small groups of students (ranging from three to eight) during regular class periods, typically about three to five a day depending on school scheduling.

Throughout the year, you will work with several different groups of students. This makes Blue Engine tutorials unique: our resources (in terms of time and energy) are matched to the evolving needs of students. By allowing the size and scope of tutorials to remain flexible, BETAs take a team-minded approach to helping entire classes—and entire schools—progress together.

Focusing on a small number of students at a time, you will collect student data daily to monitor learning, track progress, and inform your instruction. You will be trained on how to use data to drive decision making and provided with a laptop to ensure you have access to necessary data tracking tools.

Outside of your academic class periods, you will have the opportunity to implement Blue Engine’s Social Cognitive Curriculum. Along with a teacher, you will co-teach weekly 50-minute lessons throughout the entire school year, focusing on on helping students build the noncognitive skills–how to have a growth mindset, set effective goals, and use learning strategies–they need to be academically successful and fundamentally change their attitudes about learning. You’ll also have the chance to lead after-school programming, ranging from SAT and academic tutoring, coaching baseball and basketball teams, managing student Government and yearbook club, and directing musical and drama productions. Spending time with students outside of the classroom helps to strengthen your relationships and increase instructional effectiveness inside the classroom. Like other teachers and staff, you will be expected take on additional roles within the school building, enhancing your experience and exposing you to the mechanics of everyday school life. Examples include being an advisor and participating on grade level leadership teams. These experiences will allow you to get to know faculty members in different capacities, develop more effective leadership practices, and explore possible careers in a diverse range of school settings.

We’re looking for individuals who are…
  • Curious about an apprenticeship model as a gradual on-ramp into the teaching profession
  • Interested in being a part of a team teaching approach within public middle and high school classrooms in NYC
  • Motivated by building relationships and working on a team
  • Collaborative with others and learning & developing through feedback.
In order to apply, applicants must meet the following qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university by the first day of Blue Engine’s summer training institute in August
  • 2.50 minimum GPA (undergraduate) — You must have a cumulative 2.50 GPA (on a 4.00 scale) from an accredited college or university at the time by your graduation date
  • US Citizenship or National / Permanent Resident Status
  • BETAs must be cleared through background and security checks prior to beginning their year of service.

Prior education experience or AmeriCorps membership is not required to become a BETA.

Responsibilities include…
  • Devoting 1-2 years of service as AmeriCorps members  in partnership with certified Department of Education teachers in middle and/or high school Algebra or English Language Arts.
  • Completion of a four-week training in August.  
  • While they are not the  lead teacher in the classroom, BETAs are responsible for attending meetings, preparing for lessons, tutoring, grading, attending school events and making parent phone calls.
  • Upon completing the first year of service, BETAs have the option to stay for a second year as a Team Coordinator, where they manage a team of BETAs,  and can choose to enroll in Blue Engine’s teacher residency program at Relay Graduate School of Education to become a certified, full-time teacher.
New York City
External or Stanford Fellowship: 
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Graduating students
Recent graduates/Alumni

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