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Schneider Fellows

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Deadline Month: 

Through the Schneider Fellows program, Stanford students work at leading U.S. nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in the sustainable energy field. Fellows spend a summer or year tackling the world’s economic, environmental, social, and technical challenges associated with harnessing energy resources to deliver energy services.

Fellows receive a stipend of $9,000 for a 12-week summer fellowship. In addition, funds are available for fellowship-related travel.  One-year fellowship compensation will be based on a nonprofit scale and will include consideration of degrees held, professional training, and years of relevant experience. The Haas Center creates and funds the fellowships; the NGO is the employer.

The program is named in honor of Stephen H. Schneider (1945-2010), an internationally renowned expert on climate science and a leader in promoting solutions to address climate change. Dr. Schneider pioneered interdisciplinary research and policy analysis that underpinned many influential climate science publications, including the first four annual reports of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He served as a professor at Stanford University for 18 years where he had a lasting impact on countless students and alumni.

Watch Stephen Schneider's Climate One montage:

The Schneider Fellows program was established in 2001 under the name "MAP Sustainable Energy Fellows." Since then, 270 fellowships have been completed with partner NGOs.

Eligibility and Selection

The Schneider Fellows program is open to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. Students who have already received a three-month Schneider fellowship are eligible for the one-year NRDC fellowships only. Fellows commit to working 12 weeks or one year at their NGOs. Generally, fellowships begin in June, but the start date is often flexible, to be agreed upon by the Fellow and the NGO. The NGOs will receive and screen candidate applications. There are no limits to the number of fellowships to which applicants may apply. 

Meet the 2019 Schneider Fellows

NGOs and Fellowships

2020 Yearlong Fellowship Opportunities

Natural Resources Defense Council

Midwest Sustainable Energy & Climate Fellow - Chicago, IL

Eastern Sustainable Energy & Climate Fellow - New York, NY

Western Sustainable Energy & Climate Fellows - San Francisco, CA

Federal Climate and Clean Energy Policy Analysis Fellow - Washington, DC or New York, NY

2020 Summer Fellowship Opportunities

National Audubon Society

Federal Policy Team – Washington, DC
California Policy Team – San Francisco or Sacramento, CA

Environmental Defense Fund

Western Water Program - San Francisco or Sacramento, CA

California Energy Fellow - San Francisco, CA

Electric Vehicles Lifecycle Solutions - Boston, MA or San Francisco, CA

Climate Mitigation, Oceans - Raleigh, NC

Zero Emissions Goods Movement – San Francisco or Los Angeles, CA

Natural Resources Defense Council

Healthy People Thriving Communities, American Cities Climate Challenge – San Francisco, CA
Climate and Clean Energy Program – Washington, D.C.
Climate and Clean Energy – San Francisco, CA
Climate and Clean Energy/International – San Francisco, CA
Climate and Clean Energy Program – New York, NY
Healthy People Thriving Communities/Energy Efficiency for All – Washington, D.C.

Rocky Mountain Institute

3 Fellowships will be offered at RMI. Click here to view the list of possible opportunities - Washington, D.C.; New York; and Boulder or Basalt, CO

Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate and Energy (2 Fellows) – Cambridge, MA

United Nations Foundation

Climate Science Research; Energy, Climate & Environment Department – Washington, D.C.

U.S. Green Building Council 

Performance-based Green Building Research – Washington, D.C.
Climate Risk & Resilience – Washington, D.C.
Benchmarking State Building Portfolio – Washington, D.C.

World Resources Institute

Aqueduct Water-Energy Nexus – Washington, D.C.



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Haas Center for Public Service
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Graduate students

For more information, please contact Jon McConnell (summer opportunities) or Juaquin Sims (year-long opportunities)

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