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Cardinal Commitment

Partners in Health student organization
Make and sustain a significant service commitment as part of your Stanford experience.

COVID-19 Information: Please see this update for answers to frequently asked questions about declaring or certifying a Cardinal Commitment during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Cardinal Commitment supports and honors students’ individual sustained public service.

Making a Cardinal Commitment means engaging with a community to address a problem or need for at least three quarters while you’re at Stanford. You’ll develop a personal mission statement describing your commitment, receive advice and guidance from a mentor or supervisor, and spend some time documenting and reflecting on your service experience.

Make a Cardinal Commitment—develop your civic identity, learn public service skills, and see the impact sustained public service can have on a community, an issue, and yourself!

Questions about Cardinal Commitment? Contact us.


Make a Cardinal Commitment

Declare your mission, Engage in your service work, and Certify completion of your Cardinal Commitment.

The Markaz

Get support for your public service

Get support you need to do great public service - as an individual or as a Cardinal Commitment organization! Cardinal Commitment can provide individuals and student organizations with advising, funding, transportation, space, trainings and more to suport students making a Cardinal Commitment. 

ACE students

Find a Cardinal Commitment opportunity

Explore opportunties for sustained service in a wide range of interest areas. These student, campus, and communty organizations can provide you an opportunity to make a Cardinal Comitment and are dedicated to supporting you along the way.