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Asian American Activities Center (A3C)

The Asian American Activities Center (A³C) builds a community of Asian and Asian American students, faculty, staff, and alumni that fosters greater understanding and awareness of the Asian experience in America, and offers many resources for the community. It contributes to the academic mission of the University through its partnerships and collaborative work with faculty, departments, and academic programs. Through programming and advising, the center facilitates the multicultural education of all students and the development of leaders who are able to negotiate an increasingly diverse and complex workplace and global environment.

Student staff at A³C are eligible for the Cardinal Commitment program.

Service required by group to fulfill a Cardinal Commitment: Any student who takes on a student staff role at the A3C, serves as an officer for an affiliated VSO, or who works on a project that empowers Asian and/or Asian American communities either on campus or in the broader community are considered to be engaging in service.

Cardinal Commitment Mentor: Jerald Adamos, Assistant Dean/Associate Director; Cindy Ng, Associate Dean/Director

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Jerald Adamos, Associate Director
Asian American Activities Center