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Van Tran, SCOPE

The Haas Center is pleased to partner with BeAGoodDoctor, a nonprofit incubator growing the next generation of Social Entrepreneurs to serve communities locally and internationally through leadership in public service. BeAGoodDoctor offers transformative health experiences for undergraduates and postgraduates by empowering them to start, lead, and grow organizations. These organizations include our flagship program SCOPE (Student Clinical Opportunities for Premedical Experience), one of the largest pre-medical organizations on the West Coast partnering student interpreters and interns with a Level 1 trauma center.

For more information about the many BeAGoodDoctor organizations and programs currently available, please visit the BeAGoodDoctor website or email To learn more about SCOPE specifically, please visit SCOPE's website.

What makes SCOPE unique?

  • Shadowing multiple physicians: Most shadowing programs only allow you to partner with one physician. SCOPE offers you the chance to partner with over 20 different physicians, and observe multiple styles of doctor-patient interaction.
  • Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) is a Level 1 trauma center (one of only four in California), treating the most complex and varied cases. The patient population is also highly diverse and often underserved, with 20-30% of patients without insurance and many on public health insurance. Since SCVMC has no in-house language interpreter service during weekends or overnight shifts, SCOPE members who are multilingual have a unique opportunity to play a vital role in bridging this gap.
  • Premedical resources: In addition to mentorship from the many physicians participating in SCOPE, the program also hosts several roundtable discussions and physician panels each year, as well as big sib/little sib mentorship within the program, including MCAT study advice and materials, premedical class tutoring, advising through the medical school application process, and opportunities to practice interviewing for medical school. Invited speakers at SCOPE meetings, including the "Dispelling Premedical Myths" talk by Dr. Michael McCullough, provide both traditional and non-traditional views on maximizing happiness and productivity in the premedical journey.
  • Tight-knit, diverse premedical community: One thing that makes SCOPE interesting and special is that it allows students to collaborate and network. For example, students have been known to contact other SCOPE alums to stay with them overnight for medical school interviews. SCOPE prides itself on creating a supportive, collaborative environment.
  • Student-run nonprofit...for students! SCOPE is very unique in that it provides student leadership opportunities and the possibility for creativity and initiative in improving the program. For example, the interpreter program, which is one of the biggest benefits SCOPE gives the hospital (largely because there are no in-house interpreters on weekend and overnight shifts), was founded by students.
  • Known nationally: Because of the size of the program (50-60 students) and the alums at schools throughout the country, there is a network of medical schools familiar with SCOPE. Applicants have mentioned that their medical school interviewers recognized the program based on our strong alumni network at their schools, and the unique features of the program listed above.

Requirements of SCOPE

A minimum of four quarters (full year) of commitment is required; however, members have been known to stay for as long as 5 years. The first two quarters need to be continuous. On average, SCOPE members spend 10-12 hours weekly interning/interpreting, completing project work, and attending meetings.


There are two recruitment rounds for SCOPE – one in fall and one in winter. Students begin training the following quarter after they are accepted (e.g. they are accepted in fall, they train in winter). For more information and application materials, visit SCOPE’s website.

Contact Information

The Haas Center liaison for BeAGoodDoctor is Kelly Beck.