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Military Service as Public Service

MSAPS event
Photo: Joy Leighton

The Military Service as Public Service project is dedicated to recognizing and supporting military-connected students at Stanford by providing resources, developing community, and creating educational programming. Stanford recognizes the distinctive public service contributions of military service members and their families. 

This initiative was officially started in January 2010 and was built upon the solid foundation created by the many students, faculty, staff, and alumni who have advocated for additional support for and awareness of the military community within Stanford. Hosted by the Haas Center and funded by the Stanford University Office of the President, the project regularly convenes representatives of the military-connected community at Stanford.

The activities of this initiative fall into five basic categories:

  1. Celebrating Military Service as Public Service
    These celebrations include validating military service as public service by including military service among examples used in public service education curriculum and outreach materials, creating web page links to relevant resources, and publishing press releases and Op-Ed contributions that highlight military service as public service, particularly on or around Veterans or Memorial Day.
  2. Convening Liaisons
    The Haas Center has created and filled a limited term student staff position to help organize/inform initial efforts and explore how to operationalize support for students with connections to the military. The student selected for this position should ideally be connected to the military personally. Also, the Haas Center convenes a conversation quarterly with representatives from various departments on campus who serve as liaisons to students who have a connection to the military. We continue to add to liaisons as needed and military connected students are also always included in these conversations.
  3. Financial Support for Transportation
    Some financial support will be provided to active ROTC members to assist with group transportation to/from ROTC classes taken at other campuses, in an effort to reduce the personal cost to these students and the additional disincentive for participating in ROTC programs at Stanford. 
  4. Featured Speaker Events 
    Activities include large-scale events featuring internationally recognized speakers as well as opportunities for small group, more intimate dialogues with guest speakers with relevant experience to inspire students and challenge stereotypes related to military service.
  5. Community-Building Events
    These events include recognizing military personnel and their families by hosting community-building events and acknowledging contributions at various points throughout the year.

To connect to the military-connected community at Stanford, please visit the Stanford email lists and subscribe to “militaryconnected.”

For more information, please contact Kristina Lobo.