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Support for Cardinal Commitments

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Cardinal Commitment is a program that supports individuals' public service, but much of the service at Stanford is done through student organizations. 

Because of this Cardinal Commitment is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to student organizations engaged in sustainable service through Cardinal Commitment Support.

Please note: In order to access Cardinal Commitment Support your student group needs to register your organization with Cardinal Commitment. 

Cardinal Commitment Support

Student Organization Advising

Registered student organizations can receive comprehensive advising support that matches their advising needs.

Working with our campus partner, SAL and the Community Centers, Cardinal Commitment can help with transactional advisings, like how to organize an event, recruit new members, or secure funding.

Cardinal Commitment can also help connect a registered student organization to advising by experts in their field. Is your group working on a criminal justice issue, food security, education? Cardinal Commitment can work to find you an adviser who wants to work on those issues with you!   


Cardinal Commitment provides a wide range of grants for all kinds of funding needs.

Small-scale funding for registered student organizations for things not covered by ASSU or The Stanford Fund. The deadline to apply is on a rolling basis. Contact Pete Cerneka for details. 

For larger or more complex program funding needs, registered student organizations can receive up to $6,500 in Social Impact Grants. The programming should focus on helping implement innovations that address social issues. If you have questions, email Eden Mekonen.

  • Event Co-sponsorship

To assist with marketing and promotion efforts, student organizations may request Haas Center co-sponsorship for an event that aligns with our mission: to realize a just and sustainable world through service, scholarship, and community partnerships. Depending on the event/program, co-sponsorship may including Haas Center funding. 

All co-sponsorship requests must be made 30 days prior to the event and are reviewed by Haas Center senior staff; submitting a co-sponsorship request does not guarantee approval. For more information, contact the Haas Center Outreach Team

To find more campus funding resources, check out this compiled list of campus grants!


Cardinal Commitment provides small grants, in conjunction with ASSU and TSF funding, to help registered student organizations find transportation solutions. Whether that is using one of the Haas Center Vehicles or providing funding for ZipCar or a rideshare, Cardinal Commitment staff can work with groups to explore transportation solutions. 

Apply for a Cardinal Commitment Support Transportation GrantContact Pete Cerneka with questions.  

Workshops & Custom Trainings


Explore new forms of service, reflect on your experiences, discuss critical issues in public service, and build skills to serve more ethically and effectively. Examples of workshop topics:

  • Engaging in Ethical and Effective Service
  • Working with Minors
  • How to Start a Nonprofit
  • Scaling Social Impact
  • Choosing a Medical Relief Trip
  • Write a Thesis, Change the World

For up-to-date news on workshops, check out the Haas Center calendar and sign up for the weekly Cardinal Service Digest

Custom Trainings

The Haas Center can work with registered student organizations to develop trainings (minimum 10 people) that can help them better engage in their work. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Service projects and community partnerships
  • Delegation and meeting facilitation
  • Building diverse and inclusive organizations
  • Mentoring, tutoring, and teaching youth
  • Leadership transitions
  • Reflecting on a service experience
  • Group decisions, conflict resolution, and difficult conversations
  • Uncovering your strengths
  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Measuring your impact
  • Effective lesson planning and facilitation
  • Training volunteers
  • For questions about workshops and trainings, contact Kristy Lobo

Working with Minors Training

The Commitment team is responsible for running quarterly trainings on the University guidelines for appropriate behaviors when working with minors, Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting, and emergency protocols. This training is required for organizations that are planning a one-time event with youth participation, as well as for organizations that work with youth in an on-going capacity. Here, you will find informational resources, useful tools for sharing this content with other volunteers or for reviewing yourself, and a schedule of in-person trainings.

Center Resources 

The Haas Center is an open resource for registered student organizations. Regular business hours for the Haas Center are Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–6:00 pm (excluding University holidays), though after-hours access is relatively easy to obtain. 

Requesting Space

Registered student organizations may request space at the Haas Center for a meeting or event up to one quarter in advance. Granting access to spaces will depend on whether the requested space is available and whether the student organization agrees to and honors the policies and expectations for using space at the Haas Center.

To see the availability of Haas spaces, take a look at the Haas Space Calendar. 

Haas space not working for ya, check out this compiled list of available campus spaces!

Building Access

Members of registered student organizations may request off-hours access (after 6:00 p.m.) on an individual basis. 

Storage Space

Registered student organizations may request storage space to store group-related materials. Storage space is extremely limited and the spaces are not secure. Anything of significant value should be stored somewhere else. 

Using Copiers

Copiers are available for registered student organizations to use in the workrooms on the first and second floors. Your ASSU account will be billed $0.05 per page for black and white and $0.20 per page for color copies (color copy paper is usually available upon request).  Click here to request a copy code for your student organization

Promotional Email Lists

The Haas Center maintains service4all, a listserv that allows anyone in the Stanford community to promote a service opportunity. 

Activity Toolkits 

Activity toolkits are available to assist you and your group in facilitating activities that help promote a sense of community, build leadership skills, and achieve goals for your organization. Contact the Haas Center advising staff if you would like to borrow one.

Office and Craft Supplies

A wide variety of office and craft supplies are available to groups in the cabinets underneath student organization mailboxes (across from the BIRC on the first floor).  Sets of colored markers, flip chart and butcher paper, poster board, stickers, felt, glue sticks, glitter, colored paper, scissors and more are also available.

If your group needs a large volume of supplies, please check with us to see if we can provide them for you. Wait to order office supplies for your group until after you check to see if we can provide them to you for free. Please contact Haas Advising if you can't find what you're looking for or need to order more.

Button Maker

Our industrial grade button maker continues to be overwhelmingly popular.  Visit the BIRC on the first floor to learn about how you can make 2.25” buttons to promote your next student group event. We have supplies for student organizations to make up to 50 buttons – if you need to make more, we’ll tell you how to get your own supplies. Contact Haas Advising to reserve the button maker.

Receiving and Sending (Snail) Mail

The Haas Center has a limited number of small mailboxes available for student organization use.  We can’t accommodate large volumes of mail; if your organization needs to receive a large volume of mail on a regular basis, P.O. boxes are available through the post office on campus and can be purchased through your ASSU account. All uses of the Haas Center address for receiving and sending mail must comply with the Haas Center Name Use policy. 


For questions related to any of the Center Resources listed above, contact Pete Cerneka