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Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE)

WYSE is a community-based organization that builds two-way relationships between Stanford students and middle school girls at Ravenswood Middle School in East Palo Alto. As part of their Cardinal Commitment, members are expected to meet with the middle schoolers for one hour after school every Friday for a year to exchange wisdom on womanhood, growing up, school and more. WYSE covers topics including body image, puberty, race and discrimination, sexual health, future goals, healthy relationships and decision making, community engagement, friendship, financial literacy and nutrition. As an organization, we also meet once a week to plan and expect mentors to take their mentee out on two "dates" in winter and spring quarter.

Service required by group to fulfill a Cardinal Commitment: As a member of WYSE, students will be come to weekly sessions in EPA with our mentees and will take their individual mentee on 2 dates per quarter. As an organization, we also have weekly meetings to reflect on previous sessions and to plan our next session for the girls.

Cardinal Commitment Mentor: Indy Sobol


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East Palo Alto


Indy Sobol
Women and Youth Supporting Each Other