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Cardinal Quarter Peer Advisors

The Fellowships Peer Advisors are current Stanford students who participated in the Haas Center’s Undergraduate Fellowships Program in the summer of 2017.  The Peer Advisors are available to answer questions from students about Cardinal Quarter opportunities and the application process, and can also offer advice on finding a suitable community partner. Please take a look at their bios below and feel free to reach out to them.



Anna Northrop, '18 (Human Biology and Spanish)

Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 2:30PM-4:30PM; Green Library (Tables inside Coupa Entrance)

Impact Abroad Leader; CFHI, Tarija, Bolivia (summer '17)

Halper International Summer Fellow; Population Services International, Yangon, Myanmar (summer '16)

I'm excited to be a peer advisor because my fellowships through the Haas Center have dramatically changed the way in which I interact with the world around me. My Haas-funded summer experiences have made me grow as a leader, professional, and individual; I look forward to helping others to find opportunities that can have the same impact on them.









Dayonna Tucker, '20 (African and African American Studies with Minor in Creative Writing: Fiction Into Film)

Office Hours: Thursday/Friday 4PM-6PM; Black House

Urban Summer Fellow; NeighborScapes, Chicago, Il

I am excited to become a peer advisor because I appreciated my one on one time with a peer advisor during my application process and I want to give that same experience to someone else. Also, everyone at the Haas center are super fun and caring, so I'm looking forward to being around that energy!




Edwina Owusu-Adjapong, '18 (Architectural Design)

Office Hours: Monday/Tuesday 3PM-5PM; CAS

Donald Kennedy Public Service Fellow; WAAF, Accra, Ghana

I am excited to help Stanford Undergrads realize how they could have a fulfilling summer experience through public service, and the numerous funding opportunities there are!













Ignacio Mendez, '19 (Chemical Engineering)

Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 3PM-5PM; Haas Center for Public Service

Stanford Energy Internships in California & Colorado (SEIC) Fellow; California Energy Commission, Sacramento, CA

I am a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering who is passionate about energy. I spent last summer at the California Energy Commission, in Sacramento, where I witnessed how public service can lay the groundwork for a more sustainable and equitable future. I am excited to be a peer advisor in order to promote the countless public service opportunities that Stanford offers, so that more students can find meaning in their studies by realizing their value to society.




Kaavya Muralidhar, '19 (Symbolic Systems)

Office Hours: Wednesday 3:30PM-5:30PM, Friday 2PM-4PM; 1F Old Union

Donald Kennedy Public Service Fellow; Science Education Initiatiave Pune, Maharashtra, India

I am a junior majoring in Symbolic Systems with interests in education and pedagogical methods in developing countries. I've worked in Computational Education in India over the last two summmers, and staffed for the Haas center's Educational Partnership my sophomore year. I'm really excited to share with my peers all the different ways in which people can use their passion to engage in public service during their time here.







Katie Holmes, '20 (Earth Systems)

Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 3:30PM-5:30PM; Munger Market

Andrew J. Daher Memorial Fellow; Bureo Ventura, CA

Last summer, I worked with Bureo, a company that operates a fishing net collection and recycling program. The collected nets are used to make skateboards, sunglasses, frisbees, etc. I love to travel and spend time in the outdoors. I am so excited to help other students find summer opportunities with the support of the Haas Center.





Luis Ornelas, '18 (Urban Studies)

Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 4PM-6PM; El Centro

Urban Summer Fellow; NYC Coalition on Educational Justice, New York, NY (summer '17)

Education Achievement Fellow; Community Foundation of Boulder, Boulder, CO (summer '16)

After my summer working in a community that I really care about, I found that I was truly passionate about the practice of public service. I am excited to work with other Stanford students to find meaningful opportunities for them that take their unique passions and abilities into account.








Maya Lorey'18 (Human Biology with Concentration in International Womens Health and Human Rights)

Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 4PM-6PM; Green Library (Tables inside Coupa Entrance)

Philanthropy Fellow; Skoll Foundation, Palo Alto, CA

My time as a Philanthropy Fellow at the Skoll Foundation this summer was invaluable, and I hope to advise students looking to work in social impact so that they may realize equally transformative experiences. The Haas Center has countless opportunitites for students, and I can't wait to get the word out!





McDavis Ansere'19 (Symbolic Systems)

Office Hours: Monday 3:30PM-5:30PM @ McMurtry by Ike's; Friday 3:30PM-5:30PM @ CAS

African Service Fellow; Ubongo, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

This summer could well be one of the most transformative summers of my life. I was presented with an opportunity I believe all students should have. So I am here to help. Come through!




Pablo Haake, '19 (Urban Studies)

Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 4PM-6PM; Roble Arts Gym (past fountain)

Stanford in Government (SIG) Fellow; New York City Economic Development Corporation, New York, NY

I am passionate about the intersection of urbanism, climate change resilience, and social justice. I spent the last two summers doing service-related work in Chicago and New York City, including environmental justice organizing, urban poverty research, and economic development. I am excited to be a peer advisor because I love hearing about people’s personal journeys and passions and connecting them with opportunities that contribute to personal growth and progressive change.




Sam Feineh'19 (Political Science)

Office Hours: Thursday 3-4PM, Friday 2-5PM; Old Union 216

Stanford in Government (SIG) Stipend; American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) National Prison Project, Washington DC (summer '17)

Stanford in Government (SIG) Stipend; Office of Congressman AMi Bera, Washington, D.C. (summer '16)

I have had two Cardinal Quarters that have greatly shaped my outlook on public service. After my freshman year, I interned in Washington DC for my local Congressman. The following summer, I returned to DC and worked for the ACLU National Prison Project, an organization dedicated to reforming prison conditions nationwide. I am so excited to tell you about my experiences and help you on your path to service.









Sayuri Sekimitsu, '18 (Biomedical Computation)

Office Hours: Tuesday/Friday 10AM-12PM; Forbes Family Cafe at Huang

Spirituality, Service, and Social Change Fellow; San Francisco General Hospital Community Wellness Program, San Francisco, CA

My summer fellowship through Haas radically changed the way I view the world and my role as a Stanford student within it. I am so excited to share what I learned through the process, if it can help my peers to experience this opportunity. I love coffee, chocolate and chatting, so come by to find out more about the opportunities at the Haas Center!








Sebastian Green'19 (Philosophy)

Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 3PM-5PM; Building 90-91A (Philosophy Lounge)

Urban Summer Fellow; American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), San Diego, CA (summer '17)

Community-Based Research Fellow; (summer '16)

I approach this opportunity to work as a peer advisor with an appreciation for the ways in which I have been shaped for the better over the course of my work as a Haas Center Fellow. These experiences have truly been a gift, and I see this as a chance to pay that gift forward. I want to help other Stanford students find the experiences that will challenge and change them, as I have been challenged and changed thus far.








Sruthi Raguveer'20 (Bioengineering)

Office Hours: Wednesday 7PM-9PM, Friday 3PM-5PM; CoHo

Education Achievement Fellowship"I Have a Dream" Foundation of Boulder County, Boulder, CO

My Cardinal Quarter experience working in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado was incredibly meaningful and allowed me to change my perspective on the city I grew up in and love. I am excited to share my experiences with my peers and help them find meaningful service opportunities to take advantage of all that Haas has to offer!