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Cardinal Quarter Peer Advisors

The Fellowships Peer Advisors are current Stanford students who participated in the Haas Center’s Undergraduate Fellowships Program in the summers of 2016, 2017 and 2018.  The Peer Advisors are available to answer questions from students about Cardinal Quarter opportunities and the application process, and can also offer advice on finding a suitable community partner. Please take a look at their hours and bios below and feel free to reach out to them.


Weekly Office Hours Calendar

Sunday: 1-3PM Julie Fukunaga, Haas Center Lobby; 8-9PM Susana Benavidez, El Centro Chicano y Latino

Monday: 10:30AM-1:30PM Leigh Pomerantz, Coupa Cafe @ Green Library; 4:30-6:30PM Jett Hayward, CAS (Center for African Studies)

Tuesday: 10AM-12PM Susana Benavidez, El Centro Chicano y Latino; 12:30-2:30PM Danielle Cruz, Asian American Activities Center; 1:30-3:30PM Cameron Tenner, QSpot; 4-6PM Julia Kwak, Haas Front Porch

Wednesday: 1-2:30PM Jeanette Kaleikau-Buxton, Native American Cultural Center; 2-4PM Cameron Tenner, QSpot; 7:30-9:30PM Jett Hayward, Haas Center Lobby

Thursday: 10AM-12PM Susana Benavidez, Huang Basement (Heroes' Wall); 12:30-2:30PM, Danielle Cruz, Old Union Couches; 1-5PM Molly Fogarty, Haas Center Lobby; 1:30-3:30PM Julia Kwak, DGEN Office; 6:30-8:30PM Julie Fukunaga, Roble Arts Gym Lobby

Friday: 11:30AM-3:30PM Nita Gegeshidze, Old Union Couches; 12-3PM Valerie Chow, Hilary Douglas, Emma Hartung, Haas Center 2nd Floor (Haas Staff Advising); 1-3PM Jeanette Kaleikau-Buxton, Native American Cultural Center



Peer Advisors

A picture of Cameron sitting cross-legged on the grass, wearing a flower crown.

Cameron Tenner, '20 (Urban Studies)

Office Hours: Tuesday 1:30-3:30PM and Wednesday 2-4PM, QSpot

Donald Kennedy Public Service Fellow, OUTWORDS, Los Angeles, CA

I’m very excited to be a peer advisor and help other students find service opportunities with the potential for social impact and personal growth! My Cardinal Quarter experience has not only shaped my career aspirations, but the way I view my own identity, my community, and the world around me. I’m looking forward to helping you all find meaningful service experiences this year! Come chat with me if you’re interested in urban sustainability, housing equity, environmental justice, queer studies, art, or podcasting!






A picture of Danielle smiling and leaning on a bench with one foot, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Danielle Cruz, ‘21 (Symbolic Systems)

Office Hours: Tuesday 12:30-2:30PM, A3C and Thursday 12:30-2:30PM, Old Union

Donald Kennedy Public Service Fellowship, Colégio Santa Úrsula, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I’m an undeclared sophomore interested in how cultural experiences and upbringing influence the way students are taught in different countries with different educational structures. I spent last summer in Brazil, developing and teaching an intensive English course for high-school students who are from low-income backgrounds and don’t typically have access to the same extracurricular language courses that many of their peers have. I’m excited to be a peer advisor so I can work with other students to reflect on some of the questions and challenges that might come with serving in an environment where you don’t know many people or don’t fluently speak the native language.


A black-and-white picture of Jeanette standing in front of a white wall with her hair down, smiling.

Jeanette Kaleikau-Buxton, ‘21 (Undeclared, Education Minor)

Office Hours: Wednesday 1-2:30PM and Friday 1-3PM, Native American Cultural Center

Community Service Work Study, Metlakatla Indian Community (MIC), Metlakatla, AK

This past summer I was given the chance to work full-time with my tribe's Higher Education office at home through Community Service Work Study. It was a great opportunity to work with my own people to strengthen our tribal community and help make different connections. As a peer advisor, I am excited to continue to help make connections while helping students learn more about the different Cardinal Quarter/Haas Center opportunities that are available to them!



A picture of Jett standing in front of a concrete wall covered in graffiti, part of an old Olympic stadium in Bosnia.

Jett Hayward, ‘19 (International Relations)

Office Hours: Monday 4:30-6:30PM and Wednesday 7:30-9:30PM, CAS (Center for African Studies)

Global Studies Fellow, Post Conflict Research Centre, Sarajevo, Bosnia (Summer ‘18)

Global Studies Fellow, Lalela, Cape Town, South Africa (Summer ‘17)

African Service Fellow, Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative, Gaborone, Botswana (Summer ‘16)

It's hard to know where to begin in describing how participating in the Cardinal Quarter program has shaped who I am as a member of the Stanford community and the global community, but if you come to my office hours, I'll tell you all about it! I hope to help other students craft Cardinal Quarters that challenge and inspire them. On campus, I play rugby, make podcasts, and drink too many chais at Coupa.



A picture of Julia standing next to a green plant with bright red flowers, smiling.

Julia Kwak, ‘21 (International Relations)

Tuesday 4-6 PM, Haas Front Porch and Thursday 1:30-3:30 PM, DGEN Office, Old Union 2nd Floor

Impact Abroad Participant, Child Family Health International, Tarija, Bolivia

I’m very excited to be a Cardinal Quarter peer advisor because I want other students to utilize the many opportunities the Haas Center offers and hear about how past participants’ experiences affected their Stanford careers. Impact Abroad Bolivia 2018 helped me understand that time off campus is just as valuable to building my career and life aspirations as being a student on campus.






A picture of Julie standing in an archway in the quad with the Oval Lawn behind her.

Julie Fukunaga, ‘20 (Sociology)

Office Hours: Thursday 6:30-8:30PM, Roble Arts Gym and Sunday 1-3PM, Haas Center Lobby

Sandhill Philanthropy Fellow, Omidyar Network, Redwood City, CA

I'm excited to serve as a peer advisor to help students like me put theory into practice, moving beyond the bubble into thinking about (and working toward solutions to) broader social issues. Having hopped around majors in my time at Stanford, I am truly grateful for the opportunity I had to bridge my interests in seemingly disparate fields and hope to help you create your own meaningful service experiences, even if you aren't sure what that looks like yet






A picture of Leigh standing in an office building with bookshelves and placards on the back wall, holding up a copy of a CARE publication and smiling.

Leigh Pomerantz, ‘19 (International Relations)

Office Hours: Monday 10:30AM-1:30PM, Coupa Green (Green Library if raining)

Haas Round II, CARE Enterprises, NYC (summer ‘18)

Halper Summer Fellow, CARE International, Dili, Timor-Leste (summer ‘17)

My Cardinal Quarter experiences have played an integral role in my overall Stanford experience and have deeply impacted me on both a personal and career level. I am excited to help spread awareness about the unique public service opportunities that the Haas Center provides! With the support of the Haas Center, I spent summer '17 in Dili, Timor-Leste working with CARE International and summer '18 working in NYC with CARE Enterprises (an impact investing startup). Come chat with me if you're interested in: sustainable global development, human rights, girls' education, impact investing, or anything else related to public service at Stanford!


A picture of Molly standing in front of a field with tall plants and a pink and blue sunset in the background.

Molly Fogarty, ‘19 (Human Biology)

Office Hours: Thursday 1-5PM, Haas Center Lobby

Education Achievement Fellow, I Have A Dream Foundation, Boulder, CO (summer ‘16)

Peer Advisor ‘16-’17

My Cardinal Quarter kickstarted my interests and allowed me to explore my passions throughout the rest of my time at Stanford. I am super excited to open people's eyes to all that Haas has to offer students for summer experiences.




A picture of Nita in front of a tree, laughing.

Nita Gegeshidze, '19 (International Relations)

Office Hours: Friday 11:30AM-3:30PM, Old Union Couches

Stanford in Government Fellow, Justice Centre, Hong Kong

I am a senior majoring in International Relations and am very passionate about politics, human rights, and development. Having had an amazing summer experience working at a non-governmental human rights organization in Hong Kong through the Stanford in Government Fellowships Program, I look forward to helping others find similar opportunities in their specific areas of interest and guide them through the application process. I'm excited to be a helpful and welcoming resource, so come to my office hours to chat about public service, Cardinal Quarter opportunities, my experience, and the application process!




A picture of Susana standing in front of a pink, white and green background.

Susana Benavidez, ‘20 (Computer Science)

Office Hours: Tuesday 10AM-12PM, El Centro, Thursday 10AM-12PM, Huang Basement (Heroes’ Wall), and Sunday 8-9PM, Centro Study Nights

CS + Social Good Fellow, TeachFx, Palo Alto, CA

I'm a junior majoring in CS and this past summer I was a software engineer intern at TeachFx, an edTech startup, which allowed me to be an integral part of the engineering team as well as learn about the startup rhythm and edTech investing ecosystem. As Stanford's Society of Latinx Engineers corporate liaison and a past WiCS board member, I'm invested in the communities that represent and uplift who I am - a Latina in CS. Come talk to me about my experience interning at a small startup, discussing what service means to me, and how to find out about the amazing opportunities the Haas Center offers!