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Cardinal Quarter Opportunities

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Explore our diverse array of opportunities to serve.

Please email with any questions or visit our drop-in advising on Fridays from 1-3pm on the second floor of the Haas Center. 



(Note: For international locations, please search “global”)

2019-20 Socioeconomic Impacts of Urbanization in Côte d'Ivoire

The Stanford King Center on Global Development offers undergraduate students interested in global poverty and development the opportunity to work on faculty-led projects and gain fieldwork experience through the Summer Undergraduate Field Research...

2019-2020 Is Knowledge Power?: Civics Training, Women’s Political Representation, and Local Governance in India

The Stanford King Center on Global Development offers undergraduate students interested in global poverty and development the opportunity to work on faculty-led projects and gain fieldwork experience through the Summer Undergraduate Field Research...

2019-2020 Recovering Disinfectant from Fecal Sludge Treatment Plant Effluent in Senegal

The Stanford King Center on Global Development offers undergraduate students interested in global poverty and development the opportunity to work on faculty-led projects and gain fieldwork experience through the Summer Undergraduate Field Research...

Advancing Gender Equity Fellowship

Learn about gender, diversity, and social justice through a summer practicum with a nonprofit organization or government agency addressing social, political, or economic issues affecting women.

African Service Fellowship

Learn about and help alleviate social and economic issues in Africa.

Alexander Tung Memorial Fellowship

Design and implement a summer project that explores the use of science and technology for the benefits of society.

Andrea Naomi Leiderman Fellowship

The Andrea Naomi Leiderman Fellowship, a Cardinal Quarter program, supports undergraduate students conducting research related to underserved youth in California. The fellowship provides a base stipend of $6,000 for nine consecutive weeks of full-...

Bill Lane Center Internships

Work with organizations throughout the West tackling environmental, economic, and social challenges facing the region.

Black Diaspora Fellowship

The Black Diaspora Fellowship enables students to participate in a summer practicum working with a nonprofit organization or government agency on social, political and/or economic issues affecting Black American communities.

BOSP Program in Kyoto

Offers students the opportunity to pursue 10-week long, full time, paid summer internship in organizations and companies throughout Japan. Internships are sourced based on each student's particular field of interest.

Chicanx/Latinx Communities Fellowship

Engage with Chicanx/Latinx communities and apply your experience, academic pursuits, and leadership development to address issues of race, social justice, equity, inclusion, and artistic expressive history in movements for social change.

Community Arts

Work in the areas of curating, presenting, outreach, and arts education.

Community Service Work Study (CSWS)

Develop and participate in a significant service experience while earning a portion of your financial aid award.

Community-Based Research (CBR) Fellowship

COMMMUNITY-BASED RESEARCH (CBR) FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM The Community-Based Research Fellowship Program supports teams of students, community partners, and faculty mentors collaborating in research that addresses community-identified needs.

CS+Social Good Summer Fellowship

Design your own summer experience working with an organization using technology to address social issues.

CSRE Community Research Summer Internships

Conduct innovative research in collaboration with community partners to address community-identified concerns. 

Domestic Public Service (Including Public Interest Law and Urban Summer)

Through the Domestic Public Service fellowship Cardinal Quarter opportunities, students have the opportunity to spend a summer working full time in the field of public interest law or in cities addressing urban issues with a supervisor/mentor in a...

Earth Systems Public Service Summer Fellowship

Apply what you have learned through interdisciplinary environmental studies to a summer internship experience.

Education Achievement Fellowship

Engage in a summer practicum at an education-focused nonprofit, foundation, or government agency as part of a cohort in Boulder, Colorado.

Education and Youth Development Fellowship

Through the Education and Youth Development Fellowship, a Cardinal Quarter opportunity, students spend the summer working with community partners to support summer youth programs and/or address youth and education-related issues. Funding is also...

Empowering Asian/Asian American Communities Fellowship

Allows students to engage with Asian/Asian American communities to apply what they have learned in and out of the classroom about race, diversity, equity, social justice, and the Asian/Asian American experience.

Environment and Policy Internships in California (EPIC)

Pursue a state environmental policy internship at California Department of Conservation, the Governor's Office of Planning and Research, or the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

France-Stanford Center - Summer 2020 Undergraduate Fellowship

The France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies aims to bridge the disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, business and law, addressing historical and contemporary issues of significance for France and the...

France-Stanford Center - Undergraduate Internship Forney Library

Inside the Hotel de Sens, a royal residence dating back to the Middles Ages, the Forney Library specializes in arts and craftsmanship. The library has 23,000 volumes, as well as 50,000 exhibition catalogues, 4,000 newspaper titles and rich...

France-Stanford Center - Undergraduate Internship Gagosian Gallery

Larry Gagosian opened his first gallery in Los Angeles in 1980, specializing in modern and contemporary art. In thirty years, Gagosian has evolved into a global network with sixteen exhibition spaces in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, ...

France-Stanford Center - Undergraduate Internship Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art

Created in 2001, the Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art (INHA) is an Academic, Cultural and Professional Public Establishment under the supervision of the ministries of Higher Education, Research and Culture. The creation of INHA revived the...

Freeman Spogli Institute Global Policy Internships

Pursue research and internships related to international policy and international affairs. 

Global Service Fellows

Funding for opportunities offered through the Omprakash network or by service-learning program providers. Includes enrollment and engagement in the EdGE curriculum.

Global Studies Internship Program

The Stanford Global Studies (SGS) Division offers Stanford students an opportunity to extend classroom learning to immersive, cultural and professional experiences through the Global Studies Internship Program. Program identified internship...

Human Rights Fellowship

Enable students to make a valuable contribution in the fields of human rights and international justice either in partnership with a relevant organization or through community-based research, with the guidance and supervision of Stanford faculty.

Indigenous Communities Fellowship

Work with a nonprofit, government, or tribal organization on social, political, and/or economic issues impacting American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Indigenous Pacific Islander communities in the U.S.

International Public Service (including African Service, Halper International) Fellowship

Pursue international public service opportunities in partnership with community organizations around the world.

Jane Stanford Fellowships

Design and implement a service initiative during the fall, winter or spring quarter.

Krupp Internship Program

Internships with a German institution, organization or company in a field related to your studies (research & development for sustainable production and consumption, public policy, international relations and development, social service, civil...

Latin American Studies Summer Internship Grants

Summer Internship Grants are available to undergraduate students interested in completing an independent internship in Latin America. Grants are generally dispensed for summer projects, but may be considered for alternative timing as well.

Non-Funded or Self-Funded Cardinal Quarter

If you are taking part in an internship experience paid by your host organization or your expenses are being covered through another source, you can still be part of the Cardinal Quarter cohort.

Philanthropy Fellowships including Sand Hill Fellowship

Learn about and participate in the grantmaking process at a San Francisco Bay Area foundation.

Program on Social Entrepreneurship Internships

Work with the Social Entrepreneurs in Residence at Stanford (SEERS) Fellows and learn more about social innovation career pathways.

Public Interest Law Fellowships

Work to advance the public good and achieve social justice through the law.

Public Policy Summer Internships

Internship stipends are available to continuing Stanford Public Policy students interested in completing an unpaid summer internship with a public or non-profit organization.

Public Scholarship Postgraduate Summer Fellowship

Implement or follow through on an outreach or service component of a significant research project. *For graduating seniors and coterms.

Public Service Projects (Including Donald Kennedy, Ahonen-Jover, Alex Tung Memorial)

Design and implement a summer service project with measurable outcomes that helps communities take a creative approach to addressing their needs.

Roland Longevity Fellowship

Provide service to older adults and/or conduct research on issues of aging.

Rural Summer Fellowship

Rural Summer Fellows work with organizations within the U.S. adressing issues facing rural communities (e.g., povery alleviation, education, civl rights, health, economic development).

Schneider Fellows

Work at leading U.S. NGOs in the sustainable energy field to tackle the global challenges of harnessing energy resources to deliver energy services.

Seed Internships (Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies)

Explore private sector solutions to international development through internships with small- to medium-sized businesses in Africa and India participating in the Institute's Transformation Program.

Social E Fellowship

Work in the social entrepreneurship arena with an established social entrepreneur as a mentor.

Spirituality, Service, and Social Change Fellowship

Integrate spiritual exploration with service to communities in the Bay Area.