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Program on Social Entrepreneurship Internships

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Deadline Month: 
Through the Program on Social Entrepreneurship Internships, students who are interested in social innovation career pathways work with Social Entrepreneurs in Residence at Stanford (SEERS) Fellows. The SEERS Fellows are hosted annually by the Stanford Program on Social Entrepreneurship and co-teach a Cardinal Course (community-engaged learning course).  

A requirement for these internships is enrollment in IR142 during Spring Quarter.

Selected interns will have the opportunity to spend a summer working full-time with a SEERS Fellow. (See below for 2016 placements.)

Upon selection, a suitable academic mentor is paired with the interns to assist with preparation for and follow up on the summer learning experience.

Each Social Enterpreneurship Intern receives a base stipend of $5,000 to support travel and living expenses during the summer. Financial aid and supplemental funding is available to students who qualify.

The Stanford Program on Social Entrepreneurship is a joint initiative of the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law and the Haas Center for Public Service. Funding for this fellowship has been generously provided by individual donors to the Haas Center Undergraduate Fellowships Program.

Placements for Summer 2018

(Placement information for Summer 2018 will be available by the end of Fall Quarter.  The information below, from Summer 2017, provides an example of the types of placements available through this program.)

Silicon Valley De-Bug - Location: San Jose, California

Silicon Valley De-Bug is a community organization that works with families impacted the criminal justice system to impact the outcome of their cases and transform the landscape of power in the courts. Participants in the internship will work directly with families through De-Bug’s community organizing methodology called “participatory defense.” This means attending regular strategy meetings with families, court, developing defense approaches, and producing tools to help humanize a person in the eyes of the court — namely social biography packets and social biography videos.


Springboard Partners - Location: San Francisco, California

Springboard Partners is an incubator of both startup companies and high impact social justice campaigns. Springboard provides strategic consulting and supplemental campaigning capacity to organizations that engage in organizing and advocacy, with a focus on complex long-term campaigns and short-term campaigns that require specific and rare sets of skills or experience. This internship will focus on Springboard's current campaign focused on police accountability. The select summer intern will work with Springboard's co-founders: Carolyn Laub, a 2017 Social Entrepreneur in Residence Fellow through the Program on Social Entrepreneurship, and James Rucker (who also both happen to be Stanford graduates!)


Health Access Corps - Location: San Francisco, California

Health Access Corps is working hard to end epidemic of brain drain of healthcare professionals in Africa. This internship will be supervised by Christopher Ategeka, a 2017 Social Entrepreneur in Residence Fellow and an award winning social entrepreneur. The select student intern will combine a US-based placement, with a three-week trip to Uganda to work with the team on the ground.


Global Press Institute - Location: San Francisco, California

Global Press Institute exists to create a more just and informed world by employing local women journalists to produce ethical, accurate news coverage from the world’s least-covered places. Rejecting the mainstream model of foreign correspondence, which deploys elite outsiders on perpetual short-term assignments, Global Press trains and employs a diverse population of journalists in the developing media markets where they live to produce context-rich, nuanced news coverage that provides local and global audiences with high-quality, professional news that elevates awareness and creates actionable opportunities for citizens. Comprised of three brands that form a holistic social enterprise, Global Press is an international media company dedicated to reinventing both the craft and business of global journalism. Global Press operates a training program, Global Press Institute, an award-winning news publication, Global Press Journal, and an innovative syndication division, Global Press News Service. Global Press aims to produce news from more than 100 countries, becoming the world’s leading news source from the developing world. The internship will be supervised by Cristi Hegranes the founder and executive director of Global Press, a 2017 Social Entrepreneur in Residence Fellow through the Program on Social Entrepreneurship. The select student intern will work with Cristi on a research and service-learning project that will be completed at Global Press HQ in San Francisco and Global Press news bureaus around the world during the summer of 2017.



Social Entrepreneurship Interns are required to work at least 35 hours/week for nine consecutive weeks at their placements. Fellows are expected to work on-site with their host organization, and have a designated full-time professional staff member on-site as their supervisor/mentor. Please review the entire FAQs section for program policies. Other commitments include the following:

Spring Quarter

  • Enroll and participate in IR 142 (offered Wednesday from 1:30-4:20 pm), a Cardinal Course
  • Attend a program orientation in April.
  • Meet with academic mentor at least once. 
  • Design a personal learning plan for the summer.


  • Share learning plan with site supervisor and update accordingly.
  • Submit a brief mid-summer report.
  • Submit a final report, complete a program evaluation, and correspond with fellowship donor(s) as requested by fellowships program staff.

Autumn Quarter

  • Meet with academic mentor at least once. 
  • Attend a de-briefing meeting for the purpose of reflecting upon and evaluating summer experiences.
  • Participate in outreach activity to share your experiences and help publicize the program.




Social Entrepreneurship Internships  are awarded to currently enrolled undergraduate students from any academic discipline. Priority will be given to students who have completed less than two previous Cardinal Quarter opportunities. Graduating seniors may apply with the understanding that preference may be given to competitive continuing undergraduate applicants.Applicants vary in academic interests, community service involvement, and experience.

Selection Process: 

For those who seek assistance, advising is offered to help students develop their applications.

This fellowship is intended for individuals whose application, references, and interview demonstrate

  • an integration of the fellowship experience with applicant’s academic, personal and/or career goals
  • prior demonstrated interest or involvement in the subject area, including related coursework
  • a compelling match between applicant’s skills and interests and an organization’s work and needs
  • strong potential for the fellowship experience to enlarge a candidate’s understanding of an identified community issue or challenge

Complete applications are screened, finalists interviewed, and fellows selected by a committee with the intention to award fellowships prior to spring break. Committee decisions are final.

Application : 

The application for summer 2018 is available here

The recommendation link is here: can include Stanford faculty, staff, graduate teaching assistants, residence fellows, appointed lecturers, former employers, teachers etc. Fellow undergraduate students should not serve as recommenders.

Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law
Haas Center for Public Service
San Francisco Bay Area
External or Stanford Fellowship: 
Administered by Stanford
Open to: 
Graduating students

For more information, please contact Sarina Beges at the Stanford Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (CDDRL).