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Cardinal Quarter

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Build knowledge, skills, and networks while making meaningful contributions to communities locally, nationally, and across the globe.

Cardinal Quarter offers you the opportunity to participate in a full-time, quarter-long (8+ week) public service experience designed to integrate your academic learning with field-based experience. You can pursue prearranged placements or self-designed opportunities in both domestic and international settings. Nearly 500 opportunities are offered each year through more than 30 campus partners involved in the Cardinal Quarter initiative.

As a Cardinal Quarter participant, you will engage in pre-field preparatory programs, cohort activities, advising sessions with faculty members, and reflection activities during and after the service experience. You will also receive a stipend award, which may be adjusted based on demonstrated financial need or for students traveling internationally or to high cost-of-living locations.

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Use the table below to explore our diverse array of opportunities to serve, and feel free to contact Jon McConnellValerie Chow, or Hilary Douglas at the Haas Center with any questions. Peer advisors are also available.


Cardinal Quarter Opportunities

Program Name Summary Deadline Month Location Sponsoring Unit
Stanford in New York Stanford in New York presents students with distinctive opportunities for engagement with one of the world's most dynamic cities. As part of the program, students engage in a quarter-long, 4-day/week internship in an area of their interest related to each quarter’s focus. Other / Varying deadlines New York City Stanford in New York
Stanford in Washington

The Bing Stanford in Washington Program provides undergraduates the opportunity to study and work in our nation’s capital. Students intern in government and non-government organizations during the day, take classes taught by Stanford faculty and national policy experts in the evenings, and participate in cultural events and activities on the weekends.

Other / Varying deadlines Washington DC Stanford in Washington
Stanford Pride Summer Fellowship Address LGBT issues with an organization actively engaged in this work. February U.S., International Haas Center for Public Service
TomKat energyStartup Internships & TomKat Impact Fellowships Opportunities for undergraduates and Master's candidates to develop innovations that aim to tackle the energy, food, water, and environmental challenges facing society. February San Francisco Bay Area TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy
TomKat Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Internship Work on a ranch that serves as a learning laboratory for animal agriculture focused on climate stability, nature's benefits, healthy food, biodiversity, and vibrant community. February San Francisco Bay Area Haas Center for Public Service
Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR) Grants

UAR Major Grants can be utilized to support community-based research opportunities connected with a student’s honors thesis or senior project.

Other / Varying deadlines International, U.S. Undergraduate Advising and Research
Urban Studies Summer Fellowships

The Urban Studies Summer Fellowship provides undergraduates with the opportunity to complement their academic studies with a full-time, paid internship experience during the summer at an organization of their choice. Preference will be given to Urban Studies majors, but all Stanford undergraduates are eligible to apply.

February U.S., International Urban Studies
Urban Summer Fellowship Work at an organization addressing urban issues (e.g., architecture, civil rights, community organizing, education, urban planning). February U.S. Haas Center for Public Service
Volunteers in Latin America (VILA)

VILA partners Stanford students with organizations in Quito, Ecuador that work to address the needs of street and working children. VILA volunteers prepare for their summer in Ecuador during the spring with a class that focuses on the situation of children in Ecuador and also addresses program preparations.

January Volunteers in Latin America