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Ravenswood Reads

Ravenswood Reads tutor and student
Photo: Joy Leighton

Since 1986, Ravenswood Reads (first known as Ravenswood Stanford Tutoring Program) has connected Stanford students with elementary-age schoolchildren in meaningful one-on-one interactions that help develop language and literacy skills. As a unique partnership among the Haas Center for Public Service, the Ravenswood City School District (RCSD), and the San Mateo County Libraries(SMCL): East Palo Alto, the program focuses on providing a service to schools in East Palo Alto and creating a learning experience for Stanford students.

Ravenswood Reads supports readers in kindergarten through third grade by pairing Stanford tutors with children to help improve their decoding and comprehension skills. Ravenswood Reads is also a service-learning program that emphasizes the importance of adequately preparing and supporting volunteers on an ongoing basis. As a volunteer with the Ravenswood Reads Program, you will

  • develop lasting relationships with children
  • learn strategies for assisting struggling readers
  • participate in a service project and contribute to the local community

Each year, Ravenswood Reads serves approximately 35 children, the majority of whom are English language learners, at Costaño School in East Palo Alto. Professor and Ravenswood Reads director, Renee Scott Ph.D., teaches the fall course Education 103A/203A, the training course for new Ravenswood Reads tutors.

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For more information, please contact Renee Scott.