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Student activity in the BIRC

The resources we provide student organizations are consistent with the Haas Center’s commitment to support student leadership and development. 

Advising and Training

Advising for student leaders seeking assistance on issues specific to student service organizations (retreat planning, leadership transition, group dynamics, community partner relationships, etc). 

Workshops are offered to provide student organizations an opportunity to enhance skills and learn about topics with a public service focus.

Trainings are available for student organizations looking for specific skills-based coaching on issues salient for campus service groups.

Public Service Email Lists allow you to stay updated an informed about the service efforts taking place in and around the Stanford community. They are also an excellent to raise awareness about a cause, organization, and upcoming events. Visit the BIRC to find out about other lists.

Student Activities and Leadership (SAL) Website has additional information including campus policies relevant for student organizations, event planning information, funding sources, and ASSU information.

Activity Toolkits 

Activity toolkits are available to assist you and your group in facilitating activities that help promote a sense of community, build leadership skills, and achieve goals for your organization. 

Contact the Haas Center advising staff if you would like to borrow one.

Building Resources

Requesting Space
Several rooms and spaces are available in the center for your organization meeting and activity needs and must be reserved in advance. Recurring meetings for your student organization can be arranged each quarter, but can only be accepted at the beginning of the quarter and will only last for the duration of the quarter. 

Work Space
Communal work space is available on the first, second, and third floors of the Haas Center for student organizations. Reservations are not required, but please keep these shared spaces clean and in good condition.

Storage Space
Recognized student organizations may request storage space on the first or second floors to store group-related materials and supplies. Storage space is extremely limited; contact Rosy Capron for more information.

Find out about Zipcar on campus.

Computer, Printers, Phones
Computers and printers are available on the first, second, and third floors. Please use these printers for student organization-related work only. Phones are available in the student organization areas on the first and second floors. 

Copiers are available for you to use in the workrooms on the first and second floors. To use them you will need a copy code that is linked to your ASSU account. Your ASSU account will be billed $.055/page for black and white and .$20/page for color copies (color copy paper is usually available upon request).

Projectors, Conference Phone
Equipment is available for use within the Haas Center. The DK room is equipped with a large monitor that can cast from the web.

Mail Boxes

The Haas Center has a limited number of unsecured mailboxes available for student group use. We can’t accommodate large volumes of mail—if your organization needs to receive a large volume of mail on a regular basis, P.O. boxes are available through the post office on campus and can be purchased through your ASSU account.

Office and Craft Supplies
A wide variety of office and craft supplies (markers, flip charts, butcher paper, glue, scissors, etc.) are available to groups in the cabinets underneath student organization mailboxes (across from the BIRC on the first floor). We also have an industrial-grade button/magnet maker; groups can make 50 buttons per year.

For more information, visit the BIRC or contact Kelly Beck.