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Students at the Haas Awards in 2019

We congratulate the many students, faculty, staff and friends of the Haas Center who have received the following honors and awards. Award winners exemplify the spirit of our mission, which encourages a combined commitment to academic excellence and to ethical and effective public service.

Friends of Haas

The Friends of Haas designation recognizes campus staff, faculty, alumni and community partners who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the mission, values and principles of the Haas Center.
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Miriam Aaron Roland Volunteer Service Prize

The Miriam Aaron Roland Volunteer Service Prize recognizes Stanford faculty who engage and involve students in integrating academic scholarship with significant and meaningful volunteer service.
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Walk the Talk Service Leadership Award

The Walk the Talk award recognizes students for their long-term commitment, behind-the-scenes work to build organizational infrastructure, and modeling of the Principles of Ethical and Effective Service.
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Marion Brummell Kenworthy Award for Student Innovation in Public Service

The Kenworthy Award recognizes and supports outstanding young leaders who create innovative solutions to pressing problems and lead others to take action in public service.
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Kennedy-Diamond Graduate Award for Excellence in Community Engaged Learning and Research

The Kennedy-Diamond Award recognizes a graduate student who has demonstrated exemplary and mutually-beneficial engagement with the community through teaching or community-based research.
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