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Graduate Student Fellowships

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Community-Based Research Fellowship

The Haas Center offers public service fellowships specifically for graduate students. Some Cardinal Quarter fellowships are also open to graduate students.

Graduate Public Service (GPS) Fellowship

Applications for the 2024-25 GPS Fellowship open on April 17, 2024.

Meet the 2023-24 GPS Fellows

In partnership with the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education, the Haas Center for Public Service offers the Graduate Public Service (GPS) Fellowship as a space for graduate students to cultivate their skills, commitments, and identities as community-engaged scholars. 

The GPS Fellowship creates a supportive, transdisciplinary network of students who share an interest in public scholarship, scholar-activism, and community engagement. Through the fellowship experience, students participate in a community of practice designed to promote relational and reflective learning and a community of purpose that supports the explicit discussion of values and identities and the exploration and application of social, intellectual, and political commitments to scholarly practice. 

Key elements of the program include: 

  • A fall quarter seminar focused on promising practices and design strategies for equity-focused, community engaged research
  • The opportunity to participate, with graduate student peers, in the co-design and carrying out of a collaborative, community-driven research project in partnership with a local community organization or coalition (building on existing community partner relationships with the Haas Center)
  • Attendance at cohort meetings through the academic year to develop your knowledge and skills related to theories, methodologies, and ethics of community engaged scholarship through visits by guest speaker/role models, discussions of seminal scholarship, case studies, and cohort-wide reflections on practice, values, and skills-in-development

The GPS program embraces and encourages participants to bring their whole selves into the fellowship experience (personal experiences, values, and standpoints)  in order to nurture identities and commitments as community engaged scholars. Cohort activities emphasize collaborative learning, relational skill building, and reflection on values and positionality because such practices are essential for building trust and fostering equity-focused collaborations with community partners in ways that are transformational rather than transactional.

Whether you are interested in a future faculty position or planning to pursue a non-academic career pathway, the GPS experience provides space to explore the intersection of your professional and community-engaged goals and to integrate public scholarship practices into your professional repertoire.

GPS fellows receive a $3,000 stipend over the course of the academic year to support their participation in a fellowship-related community engaged research project. 

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