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Summer and Academic Year Programs

There are two separate CSWS programs – Summer and Academic Year, with separate applications for each. You must reapply for each new session; for example, if you participate in CSWS over the summer and wish to continue working with the same organization during the academic year, you will need to reapply at the end of the summer session.

Academic Year Program

Academic Year Application

  • Program runs September 26, 2023–June 14, 2024

  • 2023-24 Academic Year application deadlines:
    • Fall quarter: Friday, November 10, 2023
    • Winter quarter: Friday, February 16, 2024
    • Spring quarter: Friday, April 26, 2024

Summer Program - 

The 2024 Summer CSWS Application Deadline has been extended to 5/13/24!

NOTE: Financial Aid Eligibility Authorizations are delayed however, we ask that you continue to submit your eligibility requests and the Financial Aid Office will respond as soon as possible.   

The CSWS Summer Application in SOLO will be available February 25, 2024.

  • Program runs July 1, 2024–September 13, 2024
  • Summer 2024 application deadline:
    • Due to recent FAFSA changes and delays - Please submit all applications by Wednesday, May 1, 2024. 

Application process

Follow the steps below to apply for the program. If you have questions, please email the CSWS staff.



Request authorization from the Financial Aid Office** verifying your eligibility. You'll receive a return email that reads, “This is Your Official Authorization,” which you should then forward to Yvette Zepeda

*For the Financial Aid Office to determine your summer eligibility, you must complete the FAFSA application for the upcoming academic year.

**If you have difficulty accessing the Financial Aid Authorization Form for CSWS Summer 2024, please email May Thin with your (1) Full name, (2) SUID, and (3) specify whether you've completed your FAFSA for the following academic year to check your CSWS Summer Program eligibility. You must complete your 2024-25 FAFSA to be eligible.

NOTE: Some applicants who are ineligible for work-study during the academic year may in fact be eligible for work-study during the summer. Therefore, it is important to verify your work-study eligibility for the academic year and summer programs separately.


Find an

It's up to you to find a placement in an organization or department, arrange an interview, and negotiate a job description.

Make sure your host organization reviews the "Partner Organization Eligibility" section to understand what organizations will qualify for the CSWS program. For questions, contact Program Director Yvette Zepeda.


Complete the

The Summer and Academic Year programs have different application forms. Make sure you use the correct one!


Ask your host
to complete the

Your partner organization supervisor must also complete an application online. When you complete your application in SOLO, request a link be sent to your Partner organization so they can complete the Community Partner Application/Recommendation through SOLO. No actual recommendations are required for this program, only the Community Partner Application (aka: Recommendation)

If your Partner organization has questions about this step, please ask them to contact  Yvette Zepeda at the Haas Center.


Obtain nonprofit
status verification

Nonprofit organizations can verify their 501(c)3 status with a letter that includes their federal ID number. Public or government agencies may submit a letter on official letterhead as verification of affiliation. Email  a copy of this letter to Yvette Zepeda at the Haas Center.


Complete the
Partner Contract

Please obtain all the appropriate signatures on the same contract. The contract is downloadable and editable and does not need to be printed. Instead, download the contract and use the "Edit Text" option in the Adobe PDF application it opens in. Once all electronic signatures are obtained, the supervisor at the partner organization will upload the completed contract onto their Partner Application on SOLO.

When you complete your application in SOLO, you will request a Recommendation Form for your supervisor. The supervisor will download, sign, and submit as a PDF in the Partner Application. Electronic signatures are fine; however, they may not be simply typed – they must reflect actual signatures.

All signatures must be on the same electronic document. Have the supervisor, additional signatory, and Chief Financial Officer of the organization complete and sign the same contract electronically.


Complete your
I-9 form

NOTE: An I-9 form and accompanying original legal documents may be required prior to your work commencement. An I-9 form and accompanying documentation will be required if you are a first-time university employee. No copies – originals only.

Print the I-9 form for employment eligibility verification, complete Section 1, and schedule an appointment with Yvette Zepeda (Email Bring your original accompanying documents.



The selection committee will review your application and inform you in writing once you've been approved for the CSWS program.


Notify your

Let your partner organization know when you're approved for the CSWS program and the hours you will be working. If you decide not to work with them after submitting your application, please notify Yvette Zepeda at the Haas Center immediately.


Attend a

All CSWS participants must attend an orientation at the Haas Center arranged by the CSWS program director.


Selection Process

Applications are reviewed by a selection committee made up of Haas Center staff, and approved participants are notified as soon as possible. Selection criteria include:

  • Adherence to all existing federal program guidelines regarding the nature of the placement and population served 
  • Quality of the application essay, and the placement opportunity and job description developed by the partner organization
  • Overall value of the experience for the student
  • Level of financial need

For Summer program applicants, priority is given to students who have not participated in the summer CSWS program or are participating for their second summer, and who can commit to working for at least 35 hours per week for nine consecutive weeks.


  • Summer participants may participate in only one Stanford-supported internship or program at a time.
  • Community Service Work Study participants may NOT be paid for the same work through two different programs.


The Financial Aid Office determines the student's eligibility and the maximum earnings allowed per quarter during the academic year. Hourly wages are determined by supervisors and approved by the CSWS program director based on the job requirements and previous relevant Stanford work experience.

The Stanford suggested minimum wage for the Academic Year program is approximatley $18–$18.75 per hour, depending upon the job description responsibilities. Once your hourly wage and eligibility limit have been established, you must provide this information to your Partner organization.

The Summer program wage is a set rate and is reviewed each year. In Summer 2024, the wage was set at $22.00 per hour, with a maximum allocation of $8,500 per quarter. This rate was established to adjust for the cost of education expenses and a livable wage in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Time sheets

For reference, see "Sample Timesheet" on the CSWS Resources page.

In general, timesheets from outside agencies are submitted to the Haas Center for processing according to the University’s regular schedule.

Information about Axess timesheet procedures is provided during the program orientation. Axess time sheets that are not submitted online and approved by your supervisor by the deadline are not paid. No late submissions. Timesheets must be submitted in a timely manner and must be submitted and approved by the supervisor by the pay period end deadlines.

NOTE: You may be asked to exit the program if regular, accurate, supervisor-signed time sheets are not submitted in a timely manner.

Students are responsible for tracking wages earned and not exceeding their eligibility limit. Neither the Haas Center nor the Financial Aid Office is responsible for monitoring hours, and any hours worked in excess of the student allocation will deem the University as non-compliant and may jeopardize the program. Please help us keep accurate and timely records so the program endures and others may participate. The University does not compensate any wages in excess of your eligibility limit.