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Community-Based Research Programs

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The Haas Center provides opportunities for undergraduate students at Stanford who are interested in pursuing community-engaged research, along with a broad continuum of support.

Marshal Ganz talks with graduate students

Preparatory Coursework in Community-Based Research 

Students can enroll in Urban Studies 123/CSRE 146A: Designing Research for Social Justice in the autumn to prepare for their community-engaged research experience. Focusing on community-based research (CBR) principles and practice, this course is highly recommended for students applying for CBR fellowships. Students are encouraged to leverage course content to inform a research proposal that can be used to apply for summer funding opportunities including Haas Center CBR fellowships, Cardinal Quarter fellowships, the Chappell Lougee Scholarship, and Major Grants.

In the spring, Urban Studies 123B (CSRE 146B): Approaching Research in the Community - Design and Methods emphasizes issues of research design and how to select methodological strategies to ensure ethical and effective partnership-based research. This course is required for students who are awarded CBR fellowships through the Haas Center or CSRE. 

Community-Based Research Fellowships

The Community-Based Research Fellowship is a Cardinal Quarter program in which teams of faculty, undergraduate students, and community partners jointly conduct research that addresses community-identified needs. Funded jointly by the Haas Center and the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, CBR fellows receive a base stipend of $7,500, with additional financial aid or supplementary funding available for location-based projects. CBR fellows participate in a spring quarter cohort experience and complete ten weeks of full-time research during the summer. For more information, contact Clayton Hurd.

Community Engaged Scholars Program (CESP)

The Community Engaged Scholars Program (formerly known as the Public Service Scholars Program, or "PSSP") is a multi-quarter program that supports students who undertake honors theses, MA theses, or undergraduate capstone projects that are community engaged and designed to have public impact. Students participate during their senior or co-term year, concurrently with the honors or capstone program in their major academic department or interdisciplinary program of study. Students from all majors are welcome to apply for admission to CESP.

CESP encourages students to connect community work and activism with their academic and research interests.  Under the mentorship of the program director, students form a supportive transdisciplinary community of scholars who share an interest in public scholarship, scholar-activism, and community engagement. Over the course of the academic year, CESP offers the support, structure, resources, and accountability necessary for students to successfully complete their theses or capstone projects AND to ensure their project has public value and impact, rather than being something that simply “sits on the shelf.” To learn more, contact CESP director, Clayton Hurd

Meet the 2023-24 CESP Scholars

Andrea Naomi Leiderman Fellowship

Andrea Naomi Leiderman Fellowship recipients are Stanford undergraduates who conduct research on an issue centering on youth and education in California. Leiderman Fellows contribute to ongoing research projects led by Stanford faculty as part of the research-practice partnership between the Graduate School of Education and the San Francisco Unified School District. The fellowship provides a base stipend of $5,500 for nine consecutive weeks of full-time service/research. Additional financial aid is available to students who qualify, as determined by the Financial Aid Office. 

Graduate Public Service Fellowship

The Graduate Public Service (GPS) Fellowship supports Stanford graduate students who want to cultivate their skills, commitments, and identities as community-engaged scholars. The GPS Fellowship creates a supportive, transdisciplinary network of students who share an interest in public scholarship, scholar-activism, and community engagement.  Fellows receive $1,000 stipends per quarter. Applications for the 2023-24 GPS cohort will open in late May 2023 . For more information please reach out to Clayton Hurd

Meet the 2021-22 GPS Fellows