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Community-Based Research

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Community-based research (CBR) is a powerful model of engaged scholarship in which students, faculty, and community members collaborate on research to solve pressing community problems or effect social change.

Community-based research - Full Circle Farm

CBR attributes include:

  • Cooperation and communication between all research partners
  • Multiple sources of knowledge
  • Multiple methods of discovery
  • Diverse means for disseminating research findings
  • Awareness of power, privilege, and positionality in research practice
  • Purposeful in promoting social action in service of a more just and sustainable world

The Haas Center encourages both faculty and students to pursue CBR projects, supporting their efforts by helping identify potential community partners, developing productive relationships with these partners, and disseminating project results to the community. Haas Center programs are described below.

Faculty are encouraged to consult with the Haas Center about ways to connect students to these programs or to serve as an advisor or mentor. Students are encouraged to explore programs that fit their academic and career interests.

For more information on any of the CBR programs or to set up one-on-one or group consultation, please contact Clayton Hurd.

Community-based research programs

Visit the Cardinal Service site for graduate student opportunities.