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Cardinal Service

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Cardinal Service consists of four programs that are designed to be transformative for students and beneficial to the community:

  • Cardinal Quarter
  • Cardinal Courses
  • Cardinal Commitment
  • Cardinal Careers
Cardinal Quarter Betsy Kim
Dedicate a summer or quarter to full-time service

Cardinal Quarter

Build knowledge, skills, and networks while making meaningful contributions to communities locally, nationally, and across the globe.

Cardinal Quarter offers you the opportunity to participate in a full-time, quarter-long, funded public service experience designed to integrate your academic learning with field-based experience. You can pursue prearranged placements or self-designed opportunities in both domestic and international settings. Nearly 500 opportunities are offered each year through more than 30 campus partners involved in the Cardinal Quarter initiative.

Visit Cardinal Quarter on the Cardinal Service website
Cardinal Courses EARTHSYS
Take a course that applies classroom knowledge to real-world social problems

Cardinal Courses

Enroll in courses that apply classroom knowledge to real-world problems.

Work with renowned faculty across disciplines through Cardinal Courses that address complex social and environmental issues. Choose from more than 150 innovative classes that integrate rigorous coursework with real-world service experience.

Video: Stanford's Cardinal Courses integrate rigorous coursework with social impact

Visit Cardinal Courses on the Cardinal Service website
Make a long-term commitment to service

Cardinal Commitment

Cardinal Commitment supports and honors students’ individual sustained public service.

Making a Cardinal Commitment means engaging with a community to address a problem or need for at least three quarters while you’re at Stanford. You’ll develop a personal mission statement describing your commitment, receive advice and guidance from a mentor or supervisor, and spend some time documenting and reflecting on your service experience.

Make a Cardinal Commitment—develop your civic identity, learn public service skills, and see the impact sustained public service can have on a community, an issue, and you!

Visit Cardinal Commitment on the Cardinal Service website
Omidyar fellows
Pursue work in the public interest or integrate service into any career

Cardinal Careers

The Cardinal Careers team makes public service careers more visible, valued, and accessible to Stanford students. They offer advising and resources to help you pursue social impact in your career.

Meet with a Cardinal Careers advisor and get started on your career search or fellowship process; explore campus resources to help you with your job search and prepare yourself to work for the public good; discover the different public service and social impact careers available by attending a Cardinal Careers event; or apply for a full-time, mentored fellowship in an organization with a mission to serve the public good.

Visit Cardinal Careers on the Cardinal Service website