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Students: We're here to help you find opportunities that are a good fit for you! Schedule an appointment with a Haas Center Peer Advisor.

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Explore new forms of service, reflect on your experiences, discuss critical issues in public service, and build skills to serve more ethically and effectively. 


Students participating in a public service workshop

We welcome students to request trainings on any topic. Here are some examples of trainings that we host:

  • Engaging in ethical and effective service
  • Working with minors
  • How to start a nonprofit
  • Scaling social impact
  • Tutoring techniques
  • Cultural humility
  • Positionality: Examining power and privilege dynamics

Enroll in principles of ethical and effective service workshop

For up-to-date news on workshops, sign up for the weekly Cardinal Service Digest.

Custom Training

The Haas Center can work with registered student organizations to develop trainings (minimum 10 people) that can help them better engage in their work. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Service projects and community partnerships
  • Delegation and meeting facilitation
  • Building diverse and inclusive organizations
  • Mentoring, tutoring, and teaching youth
  • Leadership transitions
  • Reflecting on a service experience
  • Group decisions, conflict resolution, and difficult conversations
  • Uncovering your strengths
  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Measuring your impact
  • Effective lesson planning and facilitation
  • Training volunteers

For questions about workshops and trainings, contact Pete Cerneka.

Working with Minors Training

All students and student groups working with children/minors (any person under the age of 18) must meet several requirements designed to protect the youth and Stanford students alike.  The Office of Student Engagement is the primary office supporting students in identifying the aspects of the University's policies for working with minors that pertain to their service project, including background check and training.  Basic information about those requirements and links to resources are provided on this page.

Visit the Haas Center Working with Minors page.