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Leadership Programs

The Haas Center is committed to developing students as thoughtful, skilled, and reflective practitioners equipped to effect positive social change.

Student leadership - "Occupy the Future" event

Everyone has the potential to exercise leadership, whether in formal positions or not. Our goal is to have students understand what is involved in ethical and effective leadership, and to assess and develop their own abilities so that they are more confident and able to provide leadership when in situations requiring it. The Haas Center offers several programs for students involved in service to develop their leadership skills.

Our Leadership Approach

Cardinal Service Ambassadors 2019

Cardinal Service Ambassadors

Cardinal Service Ambassadors connect residents to service opportunities and spread the word about Cardinal Service in their non-frosh dorms.

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Emerging Leaders Retreat 2019

Emerging Leaders Retreat

Each fall, the Haas Center hosts an Emerging Leaders Retreat for first year students who are starting to take on public service leadership roles at Stanford and in communities.

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Frosh Service Liaisons at Ronald McDonald House 2018

Frosh Service Liaisons

Frosh Service Liaisons meet weekly to participate in leadership-building workshops, plan service events, and engage in critical discussions about service.

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Public Service Honor Society celebration

Public Service Honor Society

The Public Service Honor Society recognizes and celebrates seniors in the final stage of completing the Public Service Leadership Program.

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Public Service Leadership Program 2019

Public Service Leadership Program

The Public Service Leadership Program is a guided path on which students complete courses, a practicum, and a capstone project related to a particular public service focus area.

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Design Thinking Workshop 2019


Explore new forms of service, reflect on your experiences, discuss critical issues in public service, and build skills to serve more ethically and effectively.

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