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Community Service Work-Study

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Work a summer or part-time job while contributing to your community through Community Service Work-Study (CSWS). Note that all work during the 2020-2021 Academic Year and 2021 Summer Program is remote/virtual only.

Summer 2021 CSWS Program Dates: 
The Summer 2021 Program dates are June 16 - Sept 15*.
*Dates and allocation may be adjusted based on student enrollment status (see Financial Aid Update). Contact the Financial Aid Office for additional details. 

COVID-19 Update: 
Until further notice, the CSWS Program for the Academic Year (2020-2021) can only support virtual partnerships and remote-only work. Students are not allowed to attend their job in-person, as it can only be done online for this school year (see "Remote Work Exception" at the bottom of this page). All dates, deadlines, and policies are subject to change given the conditions of the pandemic and regulations set forth by the university. The CSWS resources and applications will be updated with any future changes.

Financial Aid Update:
In recognition of the challenges students are facing due to the pandemic, the university has waived the standard expectation for student contributions from summer and term-time earnings for the 2020–2021 academic year. In addition, students will not be expected to contribute from summer 2021 earnings toward their educational expenses for the 2021-2022 academic year. Students can still choose to work part-time while enrolled, or up to full-time during their Flex Quarter.

Depending on award packages and enrollment, some students who were eligible for FWS or CSWS in prior years may not be eligible in 2020-21.  Many students will have their full need covered by scholarships and grants and may only qualify for FWS/CSWS during their flex quarter.  During flex quarter, eligibility is determined based on the FAFSA and current and/or future enrollment.  Non-enrolled students during flex quarter who meet the eligibility requirements may earn up to $7,000 for the period, while the earnings limit for enrolled students during flex quarter will vary as based on individual FAFSA, cost of attendance, and other sources of funding, if any.  The earnings limit will likely be much less than the limit set for non-enrolled students.  For additional guidance, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

What is CSWS?

Trisha Litong

The Community Service Work-Study Program provides academic year and summer employment opportunities for currently enrolled students who receive financial aid at Stanford. It allows them to combine the financial need to work with the personal goal of helping the community.

Eligible students have the freedom to design a service experience in collaboration with a partnering organization. Placements during the academic year are on campus or in the local community. Summer placements can be at qualified organizations anywhere in the United States.

CSWS is a federally-supported program, co-administered for Stanford by the Haas Center and the Financial Aid Office. Full-time, quarter-long opportunities are also part of the Cardinal Quarter program. 

Additional Stipend

Effective summer 2021, eligible students who complete at least 315* hours may receive an additional stipend of $1,000.

*Cardinal Quarter participants agree to complete at least 315 hours over a 9-10 week period and complete mid year and final reports.

How does it work?

All work-study students are employed through Stanford University. The federal government and Stanford University cover 90% of the student's wages and benefits, and the community partner organization contributes the remaining 10% of the wages. The Financial Aid Office determines eligibility and the maximum earnings each student is allowed per quarter during the academic year. The 2021 Summer program wage is set at $19.00/hr and $7,000 /quarter. This wage is subject to change, per University policy.

Am I eligible?

Currently enrolled undergraduate students who have a financial aid package may qualify for CSWS, with the following exceptions:

  • International students are not eligible.
  • Seniors who are graduating from Stanford are not eligible the summer after their senior year.

All applicants must obtain an authorization form to verify their work-study eligibility from the Financial Aid Office.

Apply Here for the Academic Year 2020-2021 Program on the SOLO Portal.
Apply Here for the Summer 2021 Program on the SOLO Portal.


Where can I get more information?

See the FAQs on the CSWS Resources page (scroll down), or schedule an appointment with CSWS Program Director Yvette Zepeda.

CSWS information sessions are held throughout winter and early spring. Check the Haas Center calendar for upcoming sessions.

Peer advisors

CSWS Peer Advisors are current Stanford students who can help answer your questions about the program. Please email them to set up a virtual appointment.

Remote Work Exception (2020-2021)

Regular remote work is typically not allowed as part of our CSWS program, but due to the current public health emergency, exceptions to this policy will be made. A remote-based service experience will be considered and supported if:

  • The work can be completed remotely.
  • The community partner organization is willing and able to supervise an intern working from a remote location.
  • There are substantial and sufficient work projects that can be completed remotely to warrant a full-time, nine-week opportunity (a limited number of part-time opportunities are available)

If you have questions, please contact Yvette Zepeda.