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Distinguished Visitor Marshall Ganz and participants of his public narrative workshop outside of Oterm dorm

Leadership Coaching

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Coaching enables people to move from where they are to where they want to be. In contrast to advising, which involves providing answers, coaching involves asking questions to help a person or team build clarity and commitment to accomplish a goal.

Leadership, Organizing, and Action (LOA) Fellows are Stanford students trained in the coaching pedagogy developed by renowned community organizer Marshall Ganz. The LOA Fellows offer three types of coaching to help students work through leadership challenges and make greater impact: public narrative coaching, individual coaching, and team coaching.

Contact the LOA Fellows to learn more and book a 20-30 minute coaching session.      

Coaching Services Offered

Graphic representation of public narrative coaching

Public Narrative Coaching

Do you need help motivating others to join you in the change you are working towards?

Abstract graphic of three people

Individual Leadership Coaching

Do you need help working through a leadership challenge (in a club, organization, academic role, etc.)?

Venn diagram for team leadership

Team Coaching

Does your team need help developing a campaign plan or getting people to show up to your events?

The Leadership, Organizing, and Action (LOA) Project is a joint program of the Haas Center for Public Service and the Office for Religious and Spiritual Life.