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Student Jobs

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Work at the Haas Center! 

BIRC - student jobs

The Haas Center welcomes Stanford undergraduate and graduate students to work with us in part-time student staff positions. Job responsibilities range from writing stories to organizing student tutors to administrative support.

We primarily hire students in Spring Quarter and Autumn Quarter. Please review specific positions for application guidelines and deadlines.


Below are some general qualifications we look for when hiring students. Please refer to particular positions for more details.

  • knowledge of the work of the Haas Center and an interest in public service
  • desire to work with others and/or as part of a team
  • ability to function as a self-starter
  • commitment to follow through with responsibilities
  • openness to learning new skills


In addition to the responsibilities outlined in each job description, Haas Center student staff are expected to:

  • attend an orientation
  • receive and respond to Haas Center emails
  • help spread the word about the work of the Haas Center
  • attend and support Haas Center events

Job Openings

The Haas Center currently has no openings for students. Please check back later.