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Students: We're here to help you find opportunities that are a good fit for you! Schedule an appointment with a Haas Center Peer Advisor.

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Cardinal Quarter Peer Advisors

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Cardinal Quarter Peer Advisors are students who have participated in the Cardinal Quarter program and who are eager to help fellow students navigate the process.

Headshot of Emma Buday
Emma completed the following Cardinal Quarters: Haas Cardinal Quarter Fellowship at Energy Peace Partners in Sausalito, CA and Stanford in Government Fellowship at Climate Cabinet in San Francisco, CA

Emma Buday, '24 (International Relations)

I'm a senior majoring in international relations and pursuing a co-term in sustainability. I am interested in global climate change mitigation policy and sustainable renewable energy development. My Cardinal Quarter experience further exposed me to the ways in which public service is possible, ultimately providing a chance to reflect on personal motivations and career aspirations. I encourage students to partake in the diverse opportunities that Cardinal Quarter has to offer, and I hope to help you start exploring options or work towards achieving current goals! Please reach out if you have any questions or want to chat!


Langston Buddenhagen headshot in front of greenery
Langston completed the following Cardinal Quarters: Stanford in Government Stipends at the SF District Attorney's Office, San Francisco, CA, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C.

Langston Buddenhagen, '25 (Political Science & Urban Studies)

My name is Langston, and I'm a current junior studying urban studies and public policy. I was born and raised in Oakland, California, a diverse hotspot of community activism, service, and changemaking. As a young man of color from an urban environment with such a unique history, equitable public service that uplifts marginalized communities has always been extremely important to me. This is my second year working as a peer advisor, and I have completed Cardinal Quarters over the last two summers as a policy intern with the San Francisco District Attorney's Office and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, respectively. I'm excited to share my background and experience with anyone interested in learning more about Cardinal Quarters, law and policy, urban studies, and pathways of public service at Stanford. Come say hi at the Haas Center on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

Drop-in Advising Hours:

Mondays /5:30-6:30 PM at Haas (1st Floor - BIRC), Wednesday / 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM at Haas (1st Floor - BIRC) (or this link!)


Headshot of Enrique Flores
Enrique completed the following Cardinal Quarters: Haas Center Cardinal Quarter Fellowship, Immigration Equality, New York, NY and Office of European and NATO Policy, in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Washington, D.C.

Enrique Flores, '24 (Political Science)

Hey! I’m Enrique, and I’m a fourth-year majoring in political science and a co-term student in sociology. I am stoked to be a peer advisor again this year for Cardinal Quarter. I had a phenomenal time interning for Immigration Equality two summers ago as part of a Haas fellowship and am ecstatic to continue giving back to the Cardinal Quarter community. I hope that through my role as a peer advisor, I can help you find opportunities in public service that align with your future goals!


Headshot of Cameron Lange
Cameron completed the following Cardinal Quarters: Stanford in Government Fellowship at the Office of Gavin Newson, Sacramento, CA and Public Interest Law Fellowship at the SF District Attorney's Office, San Francisco, CA

Cameron Lange, '24 (Political Science & Philosophy)

I’m a political science and philosophy major interested in big normative questions about justice and governance. Feeling uncertain about how to pursue public service post-grad, my two Cardinal Quarter experiences gave me some much-needed clarity about what prosecutorial and state-level legislative work look like. I am grateful for these opportunities and eager to help other students translate their passions into a quarter of service!

Drop-In Advising Hours: 

Thursday / 12:15 pm - 4:15 pm at Haas (BIRC)

Jennifer Soh
Jenn completed the following Cardinal Quarters: Reflective Practice and Social Change Fellowship, SIRUM, Palo Alto, CA, Haas Cardinal Quarter Fellowship at Organic Soup Kitchen, Santa Barbara, CA

Jennifer Soh, '23 (Bioengineering) - Lead Peer Advisor

I am a recent graduate from the bioengineering program at Stanford and am currently a master's student in the Community Health and Prevention Research program. I am passionate about community health and nutrition equity, which I explored during two Cardinal Quarters through the Reflective Practice and Social Change Fellowship and the Roland Longevity Fellowship. I feel very grateful to have had two incredible Cardinal Quarter experiences and am excited to return to the Cardinal Quarter Peer Advising team to help other Stanford students explore their passions in public service!

Drop In Advising Hours:

Mondays / 1pm - 2:30pm on this zoom link)

Jonny Zients headshot in front of green paneled wall
Jonny completed the following Cardinal Quarters: Stanford Nurse Alumnae Fellowship, The Dimock Center, Boston, MA and Haas Cardinal Quarter Fellowship - Outwords, Los Angeles, CA

Jonny Zients, '24 (Human Biology)

My name is Jonny (he/him), and I am a senior studying human biology with a minor in modern languages. I am passionate about working with community organizations, especially projects that are related to health. I have been a Cardinal Quarter fellow the last two summers through the Stanford Nurse Alumnae Fellowship and the Haas Center Cardinal Quarter Fellowship. I really enjoyed both experiences, learning a lot about myself and gaining valuable insights into my post-college aspirations. I am very grateful for all of the Haas Center’s support and the role it has played in my undergrad experience. This school year I am returning as a Cardinal Quarter Peer Advisor for the second year - I loved being a peer advisor last year and can’t wait for the year ahead. I am really looking forward to getting to know you and supporting you however I can in pursuing an enjoyable and meaningful quarter-long service experience.