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Marion Brummell Kenworthy Award for Student Innovation in Public Service

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Marion Kenworthy playing women's rugby

The Marion Brummell Kenworthy Award for Student Innovation in Public Service is given annually and recognizes and supports outstanding young leaders who create innovative solutions to pressing problems and lead others to take action in public service.

The award honors Marion Brummell Kenworthy, '52, MA '52 (1930-2014) who used her talents and experiences to leave the world a better place through participation in student-led programs including Cap and Gown, Cardinals and Women's Athletic Association, and Foreign Student Scholarships; and though professional work after graduation at Saratoga High School, Computer Using Education, and Apple.

    2022 Awardees

    • Nick Hakes, ’22
    • Famyrah Lafortune, ’22
    • Haleigh Quinn, ’22

    2021 Awardees

    • Leya Devorah Elias, '21
    • Janet Martinez, ’21
    • Chloe Stoddard, ’21

    2020 Awardees

    • Nikki Apana, '20
    • Jonah Glick-Unterman, '20
    • Nesrine Mbarek, '20

    2019 Awardees

    • Sam Feineh, '19
    • Judith Santano, '19
    • Carson Smith, '19

    2018 Awardees

    • Alexis Kallen, '18
    • Luis Ornelas, '18

    2017 Awardees

    • Karen Camacho, '16, MA '17
    • Melissa Eidman, '17

    2016 Awardees

    • Destiny Lopez, ’16
    • Jo Williams, ’16
    2022 Kenworthy awardees
    2022 Kenworthy Awardees, L-R: Famyrah Lafortune, Nick Hakes, and Haleigh Quinn