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Meet the Cardinal Careers Fellows

2020-21 Fellows

Community Impact Fellows  |  John Gardner Public Service Fellows  |  
Schneider One-Year Fellows  |  Tom Ford Fellows in Philanthropy

Community Impact Fellows

Fellows work for a public interest organization in California or D.C. and are matched with a mentor.

Community Impact Fellows 2020-21
Left to right from top: Susana Benavidez, SeiMi Chu, Naomi Gregorio, Amanda Han, Harika Kottakota, Soly Lee, Cassandra Lin, Maya Mahony, Zoe Mahony, Alexa Melgoza, Nina Randolph, Jessica Reynoso, Jeffrey Rodriguez, Paul Serrato, Anima Shrestha, Michael Solorio, Emily Wilson, and Ada Zhou.

City Innovate (San Francisco, CA)

  • Susana Benavidez (City Innovation Fellow)
  • Ada Zhou (City Innovation Fellow)

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundation (Palo Alto, CA)

  • SeiMi Chu (Program Assistant Fellow)

LifeMoves (Palo Alto, CA)

  • Maya Mahony (HR and Intern Programs Fellow)
  • Anima Shrestha (Data, Impact & Learning Fellow)

Partnership for Public Service (Washington, D.C.)

  • Jessica Reynoso (Associate)

The Primary School (Palo Alto, CA)

  • Soly Lee (Health, Education & Learning Fellow)

Ravenswood Family Health Clinic (East Palo Alto, CA)

  • Amanda Han (Executive Support Fellow)
  • Harika Kottakota (Family Medicine Fellow)
  • Zoe Mahony (Development Fellow)
  • Alexa Melgoza (Pediatrics Fellow)
  • Paul Serrato (Clinical Operations Fellow)
  • Emily Wilson (Staff Development Fellow)

Redwood City 2020/John Gardner Center (Redwood City, CA)

  • Michael Solorio (Shinnyo Fellow)

San Jose Clean Energy (San Jose, CA)

  • Naomi Gregorio (Power Resources Fellow)

SIRUM (Palo Alto, CA)

  • Nina Randolph (Clinical Partnerships Fellow)

TalkingPoints (San Francisco, CA)

  • Cassandra Lin (Program Special Projects Fellow)

Turnout2020 (New York City, NY)

  • Jeffrey Rodriguez (Research Associate Fellow)

John Gardner Public Service Fellows

Fellows from Stanford and UC Berkeley work in a government or nonprofit organization of their choice, matched with a mentor to guide their professional growth and development.

2020 Gardner Fellows

(Left to right)

Araceli Garcia, '20 (Chicanx/Latinx Studies)
Placement: Intercultural Development Research Association (San Antonio, TX)
Mentor: Celina Moreno, President and CEO

Kimiko Hirota, '20 (Sociology, Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity)
Placement: House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship (Washington, D.C.)
Mentor: David Shahoulian, Democratic Chief Counsel

Nesrine Mbarek, '20 (History)
Placement: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Washington, D.C.)
Mentor: Michele Dunne, Senior Fellow and Director of Middle East Program

Schneider One-Year Fellows

Fellows work for one year in one of four Natural Resources Defense Council locations.

Schneider 1-year fellows, 2020

(Left to right)

Julia de Lamare, ’20 (L.L.M., Environmental Law & Policy)
Placement: National Resources Defense Council – San Francisco, CA
Title: Western Sustainable Energy and Climate Fellow
Service interests: Equitable public policy decisions; Transportation electrification; Decarbonization efforts; Energy efficiency; Clean energy grid; Sustainable development

Shelby Parks, ’20 (B.S. Chemistry, M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering – Atmosphere/Energy)
Placements: Natural Resources Defense Council – New York City
Title: Eastern Western Sustainable Energy and Climate Fellow
Service interests: Housing and transportation equity and sustainability; Renewable energy policy advocacy; Environmental justice

Christian Tae, ’19, '20 (B.S., M.S. Electrical Engineering)
Placement: Natural Resources Defense Council – Washington, DC
Title: Federal Climate and Clean Energy Policy Analysis Fellow
Service interests: Clean energy technology/policy; Distributed solar and wind resources; Electrification of transportation sector; Equitable transition to carbon-free grid

Amulya Yerrapotu, ’20 (Economics)
Placement: Natural Resources Defense Council – Chicago
Title: Midwestern Sustainable Energy and Climate Fellow
Service interests: Environmental justice; Transition to a clean energy economy that is inclusive of the labor movement

Tom Ford Fellowship in Philanthropy

Fellows work in a mentored position at a host foundation and learn about the role of philanthropy in society.

Ford Fellows, 2020

(Left to right)

Ahmi Dhuna, ’19,  ’20 (B.A. Political Science,  M.S. Sustainability Science and Practice)
Placement: East Bay Community Foundation  (Oakland, CA)
Mentor: Sachi Yoshi, Vice President of Strategy and External Relations

Remy Gordon, ’20 (Science, Technology and Society)
Placement:  The Ballmer Group (Seattle, WA)
Mentor: Terri Ludwig, President of Philanthropy

Eliza Steffen, ’20 (Political Science)
Placement: The Ford Foundation (New York City, NY)
Mentor: Sanjiv Rao, Civic Engagement and Government Director

For more information about post-undergraduate fellowship opportunities, please contact Juaquín Sims at the Haas Center.