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Students: We're here to help you find opportunities that are a good fit for you! Schedule an appointment with a Haas Center Peer Advisor.

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Recruiting Students

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The Haas Center seeks to connect students with work in the community that provides them with a valuable educational experience while meeting a real community need.

Student volunteers greet TEDx attendees  Photo: Linda A. Cicero/ Stanford News
Student volunteers greet TEDx attendees (Photo: Linda A. Cicero/ Stanford News)

Thank you for your interest in posting a service opportunity for Stanford students. Our students have a wide variety of interests and skills and a real desire to make an impact. Student volunteer work may complement their academic studies or allow them to pursue or express a personal interest or value.

Please note that we receive numerous requests for volunteers each month; some of these requests go unfilled.

One-time or short-term opportunities

Internships and Job Opportunities

Internships typically involve more time and responsibility than most volunteer or community service activities. Interns generally work eight or more hours per week and have a job description or designated set of responsibilities and are also actively supported by a supervisor or mentor.

  • Post internships for current students, as well as part- and full-time jobs for graduating students, through Handshake (the job posting platform used by Stanford) and Idealist.
  • Email your internship and job opportunities to us for inclusion in the Cardinal Careers Newsletter, a weekly publication that is delivered to students of all academic levels.
  • Place an ad in the Stanford Daily, Stanford's student newspaper.
  • Submit your summer internship opportunities for undergrads to be posted in our Cardinal Quarter Connections list.

Full-time immersive experiences (Cardinal Quarter)

Cardinal Quarter provides support for students to pursue full-time (35 hours per week), quarter-long (at least 9 consecutive weeks) service experiences. Students are awarded stipends by Stanford University to cover living, transportation and summer earnings expenses (the amount varies based on expenses and financial aid level). Most, but not all, students pursue these experiences in the summer.

Please complete this form to be included in our Cardinal Quarter Connections list. Interested students will be encouraged to contact you if they have additional questions or want to pursue the opportunity. In order to receive a fellowship award, the student will need to complete a fellowship application and provide more detailed information from the host organization and direct supervisor.

For more information, contact Valerie Chow.

Community Service Work-Study

The Community Service Work-Study program provides opportunities for students who are required to work as part of their financial aid package to work in community organizations and government agencies. This program is available to students during the academic year and in the summer. Students participating in this program during the school year generally work 5–15 hours per week and in the summer may work up to full-time. One hundred percent of the student's hourly salary is paid by federal work-study funds and Stanford University. For more information, contact Yvette Zepeda.

Host a Community Impact Fellow for 2021-22

Community Impact Fellowships are competitive, partner-funded fellowships that support recent Stanford alumni in pursuing public interest work. We partner with Bay Area organizations in a variety of fields. For more information, contact Juaquín Sims by October 2.

Looking for tutors or mentors

Stanford students are actively involved in tutoring and mentoring youth in our surrounding communities in significant numbers. Most students get connected to these opportunities through one of Stanford's children- and education-related programs, many of which are student-led organizations. If you are with a community program or school that is not already connected to one of our existing programs and would like to recruit tutors or mentors, we can post your opportunity. Please contact Kelly Beck for more information.

If you are looking for an individual tutor or mentor for your child, we regret that we are not able to accommodate these requests. Please check with your child's school for available programs at the school or within the community—it is possible that our students are already involved there through an existing program. If you want to post a paid tutoring opportunity, please contact Stanford Career Education or place an ad in the Stanford Daily, Stanford's student newspaper.

Things to Consider About Student Volunteers and Their Schedules

As you consider recruiting and working with Stanford students, you should take into account that Stanford works on an academic quarter system. The first week of each quarter students may be "shopping" for classes; term papers are typically due the week before the last week of each quarter, which is designated for final examinations.

Most students have very full schedules. In addition to their academic course load, many students are involved with co-curricular activities on and off campus and hold jobs either on or off campus. Many students who would like to be involved in public service are unable to due to their heavy academic schedules, and many who are involved can only commit a limited amount of time.

Transportation to and from service opportunities may also be an issue for students. First-year students are not permitted to keep cars on campus. Consider your accessibility via public transportation.

Students may not have had exposure to the type of work you are requesting or with the populations you are serving. You will want to provide an appropriate orientation and the necessary supervision to enable them to best meet your needs and to provide a valuable learning experience to them in the process.

If you have general questions about recruiting student volunteers, please email the Haas Center.