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Haas Center response to anti-Asian violence

The Haas Center's message of support to our community in the midst of a wave of anti-Asian violence.

CW: mentions of violence

Dear Stanford students,
We share your outrage and heartbreak at the murders of Asian American women this week in Atlanta as part of ongoing attacks nationwide. These most recent events are part of a long and ongoing history of white supremacy, which results in the dehumanization and “othering” of people of Asian descent in the United States. Furthermore, the model minority myth and other stereotypes serve to erase this violence toward people of Asian descent.
The Haas Center remains deeply committed to affirming our shared humanity, centering the dignity and experiences of those who are most marginalized, and working together for racial justice to end interlocking systems of oppression. 

We encourage you to take action through this list of resources and participate in other community-led efforts. We would also like to lift up the work the Centers for Equity, Community and Leadership have done and continue to do to support us in navigating the challenges associated with this moment, particularly the Asian American Activities Center. We stand in solidarity with, and in support of, their efforts. 

Additionally, we encourage you to support each other by reaching out to those most impacted and taking care of yourselves and those around you.

For community members who have been personally affected, the Haas Center stands with you and is here to support you.

Deborah Stipek, Tom Schnaubelt, and the Haas Center staff